Ogor Mawtribes: Mournfang

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    16 Sep 2020
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    17 Sep 2020
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  1. Prime entire model at 20PSI with Grey Airbrush Thinner [4-1]


Use a mix of [Paint-Thinner-Flow] [2-1-1] for all steps that use airbrush

  1. Base with Wolf Grey at 20PSI over entire model
  2. Highlight with Ghost Grey at 20PSI over top 50% of model
  3. Highlight with Thunderhawk Blue at 20PSI over bottom 25% of model. Do not oversaturate.
  4. Blend in previous 2 steps with Ghost Grey Thunderhawk Blue [1-1] at 20PSI
  5. Wash entire area with Quickshade Wash Mixing Medium Dark Tone Water [1-1-2]. Don't allow to pool on flat surfaces and use a clean brush filled with water to push around fluid that may stain.
  6. Heavy drybrush entire model with Ghost Grey Dead White [1-1]
  7. Drybrush bottom portion of model with Fenrisian Grey
  8. Drybrush entire model with Dead White

Face - Skin

  1. Duncan video: https://youtu.be/wzgsBgYx0V8?t=521
  2. Base with Thunderhawk Blue
  3. Shade (not wash) with Nuln Oil recesses and edges
  4. Edge highlight and/or layer edges of skin/wrinkles with Russ Grey
  5. Repeat above highlight with Fenrisian Grey but on smaller focused area
  6. Edge highlight outside edges of skin where it meets the fur with Dead White

Cuts on Body

Duncan video: https://youtu.be/wzgsBgYx0V8?t=735

  1. Thin down Caledor Sky and run it into all of the cuts on skin
  2. Repeat above with Baharroth Blue but on smaller area near the center
  3. Highlight a very small area with Dead White as if light is glinting off of it. Only do on larger areas as we wouldn't want the white to blend in with the fur.

Eyes - Gums

Duncan video: https://youtu.be/wzgsBgYx0V8?t=835

  1. Paint gums and lower eyelid with Bugman's Glow
  2. Wash entire area with Druchii Violet
  3. Edge highlight raised areas with Kislev Flesh
  4. Make a small slit/dot on eyes with Baharroth Blue
  5. Repeat above iwth Dead White but smaller



  1. Base with Zandri Dust
  2. Wash entire area with Agrax Earthshade
  3. Layer large portion of teeth with Ushabti Bone leaving bottom mostly untouched
  4. Layer smaller portion of teeth with Screaming Skull that was highlighted previously

Head Shell

  1. Base with Black
  2. Heavy drybrush with Neutral Grey
  3. Lighter drybrush with Light Grey
  4. Very light drybrush on top only with Ivory

Tusks - Toes

Duncan video: https://youtu.be/wzgsBgYx0V8?t=947

  1. Base with Dryad Bark
  2. Wash entire area with Druchii Violet
  3. Drybrush in moderation with Sylvaneth Bark (be careful not to get onto the white areas)
  4. Edge highlight or drybrush with Karak Stone


Duncan video: https://youtu.be/wzgsBgYx0V8?t=2064

  1. Base with Zandri Dust
  2. Layer with Ushabti Bone but leave recesses of Zandri Dust visible
  3. Wash entire area with Reikland Fleshshade
  4. Edge highlight and/or layer with thinned down Ushabti Bone
  5. Edge highlight and/or drybrush with Screaming Skull while considering light source

Leather Straps

  1. Base with Mournfang Brown
  2. Wash entire area with Nuln Oil
  3. Edge highlight or drybrush raised edges with Skrag Brown
  4. Repeat above with Deathclaw Brown but on smaller area


  1. Base with Rhinox Hide
  2. Wash entire area with Nuln Oil
  3. Edge highlight or drybrush raised edges with Gorthor Brown
  4. Repeat above with Baneblade Brown but on smaller area


Video: https://youtu.be/lsxGsFAE4b8?t=295

  1. Base with Dark Stone
  2. See video. Lazy wet drybrush with Ironbreaker using sweeping strokes. Don't completely cover it, let the pitting, etc. show through as we want an aged scratched up look.
  3. Wash with Dark Tone Flesh Wash Airbrush Flow Improver [1-1-2]. Dab on aggressively all over the metal and don't let it pool on flat surfaces.
  4. Edge highlight a few select areas with Ironbreaker while considering the light source.

Random Bits: Skulls

  1. Base with Flayed One Flesh
  2. Cover entire area with Skeleton Horde while letting it pool a bit where it naturally settles
  3. Moderate drybrush with Ushabti Bone


  1. Spray varnish on entire model with Matt Varnish Airbrush Thinner [1-1] at 15PSI. Don't allow it to pool. May require 2x coats.


Note: All thinner/flow mixes and PSI pressures are mostly for me based on my airbrush and how I use it. They may not be ideal for your setup.

Citadel Painting System 26
Base 6
  • Bugman's Glow
  • Caledor Sky
  • Dryad Bark
  • Mournfang Brown
  • Rhinox Hide
  • Zandri Dust
Shade 4
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Druchii Violet
  • Nuln Oil
  • Reikland Fleshshade
Layer 14
  • Baharroth Blue
  • Baneblade Brown
  • Deathclaw Brown
  • Fenrisian Grey
  • Flayed One Flesh
  • Gorthor Brown
  • Ironbreaker
  • Karak Stone
  • Kislev Flesh
  • Russ Grey
  • Screaming Skull
  • Skrag Brown
  • Thunderhawk Blue
  • Ushabti Bone
Dry 1
  • Sylvaneth Bark
Contrast 1
  • Skeleton Horde
The Army Painter Warpaints 4
Acrylic 1
  • Dark Stone
Wash 2
  • Dark Tone
  • Flesh Wash
Effect 1
  • Quickshade Wash Mixing Medium
Vallejo Auxiliaries
Base 3
  • 70.520 Matt Varnish
  • 71.261 Airbrush Thinner
  • 71.262 Airbrush Flow Improver
Vallejo Game Color
Base 3
  • 72.001 Dead White
  • 72.046 Ghost Grey
  • 72.047 Wolf Grey
Vallejo Model Color
Base 4
  • 70.918 Ivory
  • 70.950 Black
  • 70.990 Light Grey
  • 70.992 Neutral Grey
Vallejo Surface Primer
Base 1
  • 70.601 Grey
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