Oathsworn Ranger

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    31 Aug 2022
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    31 Aug 2022
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  1. Prime Black Primer then Gray Primer then White Primer
  2. Base coat via airbrush US Light Green
  3. Base coat "armor" Gnarls Green
  4. Base coat bow, buckle, and quiver Umbral Umber
  5. Base coat knife strap XV-88
  6. Highlight, accent, and thin line all areas with Gnarls Green Umbral Umber XV-88
  7. Wet blend trunk/roots Umbral Umber and XV-88
  8. Wet blend base with Gnarls Green Traitor Green Iosan Green Mossy Green Scaly Hide XV-88 Leather Brown and Umbral Umber
  9. Base coat knife and accents on bow Orange
  10. Highlight knife and accents on bow Heartfire and Medium Yellow
Badger Stynylrez
Base 3
  • Black Primer
  • Gray Primer
  • White Primer
Formula P3
Layer 5
  • Gnarls Green
  • Heartfire
  • Iosan Green
  • Traitor Green
  • Umbral Umber
Reaper Master Series
High density 1
  • 29810 Mossy Green
The Army Painter Warpaints
Acrylic 2
  • Leather Brown
  • Scaly Hide
Vallejo Model Air
Base 2
  • 71.002 Medium Yellow
  • 71.137 US Light Green
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