Duncan's Xenomorph Tyranid

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    26 Jun 2023
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    26 Jun 2023
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Painting the Body (FLESH)

  1. Basecoat soft flesh. Corvus Black (Large Brush)
  2. Drybrush flesh. Stormvermin Fur (Small Dry Brush)
  3. Block in teeth. Stormvermin Fur (Medium Layer Brush)
  4. Recess shade. Oblivion Black Wash (Large Brush)

Fine Highlights (FLESH)

  1. Edge highlight sharp corners. Stormvermin Fur (Medium Layer Brush)
  2. Water down Stormvermin Fur and highlight raised areas of the flesh. (Medium Layer Brush)

Base Coating (CARAPACE)

  1. Basecoat carapace on its body and weapon. Doom Death Black (Medium Layer Brush)


  1. Basecoat weapon and fleshy parts in joints of the body. Griffon Claw (Medium Layer Brush)
  2. Wash weapon and joints. Archaic Sepia Wash (Small Layer Brush)

Fine Highlight (FLESH)

  1. Selectively edge highlight sharp corners and teeth. Carcharodon Grey (Small Layer Brush)
  2. Spot highlight raised areas of flesh. Carcharodon Grey (Small Layer Brush)

Edge Highlights (CARAPACE)

  1. Broad edge highlights. Kantor Blue (Small Layer Brush)
  2. Fine edge highlights. Gravestone Blue (Small Layer Brush)


  1. Glaze Kantor Blue over lower highlights to dull the brightness. (Small Layer Brush)
  2. Glaze Kantor Blue over raised areas of the carapace to build up a slight blue tint. (Small Layer Brush)
  3. Dot raised areas with a glaze of Gravestone Blue where you built up the blue tint. (Small Layer Brush)

Highlights (CARAPACE)

  1. Dot highest edges and raised areas. White Star (Detail Brush)

Highlights (WEAPON)

  1. Raised surfaces of weapon and fleshy joints. Griffon Claw (Small Layer Brush)
  2. Edge highlight. Flayed One Flesh (Small Layer Brush)
Citadel Painting System 4
Base 2
  • Corvus Black
  • Kantor Blue
Layer 2
  • Flayed One Flesh
  • Stormvermin Fur
Two Thin Coats 7
Shade 2
  • Doom Death Black
  • Griffon Claw
Midtone 1
  • Carcharodon Grey
Highlight 2
  • Gravestone Blue
  • White Star
Wash 2
  • Archaic Sepia Wash
  • Oblivion Black Wash
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