Quick Night Lords Armor [Airbrush]


Quick Night Lords Armor [Airbrush]

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    27 Sep 2021
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    27 Sep 2021
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Method to basecoat & initial highlight Night Lords "en masse" with an Airbrush. Using a Zenithal undercoat and highlighting approach.

NOTE: Throughout this entire recipe you should focus on doing models in large batches with an Airbrush. Method is intended to give you a whole-model gradient highlight on your Night Lords CSM Infantry for batch painting.


  1. Prime Model Black Primer
  2. [Optional] Zenithal Undercoat/Prime in Gray Primer and White Primer by applying these color from a 45° above and then directly above the model. (Or, if only use White, Apply from directly above with a slight angle focusing on where light would gather on the model). Try to preserve your shadows in Black.
  3. Apply Leviadon Blue with an Airbrush over the entire model. Apply thin layers and preserve the gradient from your Zenithal Prime (If applied).

NOTE: If you have not applied a Zenithal Highlight (from Step 2) then Leviadon Blue will be very dark over the black. It will look like a blueish tint to your black undercoat, and it is easy to over-apply. If you have not Zenthial Highlighted then you should be more generous with the Initial Highlight step accordingly as there will be less color variation in your Leviadon Blue.

OPTIONAL: If you have Zenithal Highlighted and then applied Leviadon Blue lightly enough you can stop here if you like the result. If there is enough color variation from you Zenthial Undercoat then your Blue should have some natural highlights. Transparency of Leviadon Blue applied with an airbrush should aid with preserving the Zenithal highlight.

Initial Highlight

  1. Apply a Zenithal Highlight of Macragge Blue from roughly 45°. Make sure you have thinned your paint to apply thin layers. Focus on those areas where you need a gradual highlight. If you hit more of the higher areas then you intend don't worry as this will be covered. You should be striving to replicate the spray pattern on each model to be able to assembly-line the highlight.

Second Highlight

  1. Apply a further Zenithal Hightlight of Altdorf Guard Blue from directly above. Should be quite light to preserve the "Midnight Clad" of your Leviadon Blue.

Final Highlight

  1. Apply a very light highlight of Teclis Blue on the tops of the pauldrons, helmet, backpack, etc. It should be isolated to a very light application on the very top sections of the model that would be exposed to light.

At this point, you should have a set of Night Lords with a whole-model "Gradient" highlight of gradually lighter blue tones. Intention is to then paint the metallics, cloth, weapons, etc. to "break up" the gradient to avoid it looking artificial.

You can also apply a wash of Nuln Oil or Drakenhof Nightshade to smooth out the colors if the gradient is too bright for the taste of your Night Lord.

I would note that all CSM Infantry are well-suited to this technique (from any legion) as CSM have a lot of trim to break up the whole-model highlight. I have had applied this method to 20-30 models in one sitting (CSM Infantry, Havocs, Bikers, and Raptors) to speed up getting my Night Lords table-ready.

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Badger Stynylrez
Base 3
  • Black Primer
  • Gray Primer
  • White Primer
Citadel Painting System 6
Base 1
  • Macragge Blue
Shade 2
  • Drakenhof Nightshade
  • Nuln Oil
Layer 2
  • Altdorf Guard Blue
  • Teclis Blue
Contrast 1
  • Leviadon Blue
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