Ulthwe Eldar Armour and Weapons

Ulthwe Eldar Armour and Weapons

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    11 Dec 2020
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    02 Apr 2021
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Black Armour

  1. Basecoat the black armour parts with Abaddon Black .
  2. Chunky edge highlight of Dark Reaper .
  3. Fine edge highlight of Thunderhawk Blue .
  4. Selective highlight of Fenrisian Grey on particuarly prominant edges.
  5. Dot highlight of Blue Horror , place these on points and in the middle of the selective highlights you just did.

Bone Weapons

  1. Basecoat helmet and relevant areas and weapons with Rakarth Flesh .
  2. Now coat all of these Rakarth Flesh areas with a mix of Skeleton Horde and Contrast Medium mixed 1:1.
  3. Glaze Rakarth Flesh onto everything but the recesses again, bringin the original colour back.
  4. Add a chunky edge highlight of Rakarth Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh mixed 1:1.
  5. Do a fine highlight with pure Pallid Wych Flesh over everything from the previous steps.
  6. Paint small dots of Dead White (or another pure white) to corners where lines meet and the center of the most prominent Pallid Wych Flesh highlighted areas.

Blue Details

  1. Paint all blue areas in with Thousand Sons Blue .
  2. Add a thick highlight of Temple Guard Blue .
  3. Add a fine highlight of Baharroth Blue .
  4. Finally, do selective highlights and dot highlights of Blue Horror to the most prominent areas.

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Citadel Painting System 12
Base 3
  • Abaddon Black
  • Rakarth Flesh
  • Thousand Sons Blue
Layer 7
  • Baharroth Blue
  • Blue Horror
  • Dark Reaper
  • Fenrisian Grey
  • Pallid Wych Flesh
  • Temple Guard Blue
  • Thunderhawk Blue
Technical 1
  • Contrast Medium
Contrast 1
  • Skeleton Horde
Vallejo Game Color
Base 1
  • 72.001 Dead White
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