Albino Sludgeraker

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    14 Oct 2021
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    14 Oct 2021
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The skin recipe for my Albino Sludgeraker.

  1. The miniature is zenithal primed with Signal Black and White Ink.
  2. The underside of the miniature is sprayed with a dilute mix of Brown Rose and after the initial coat, mix in Sickly Pink to lighten up the centre of the underbelly.
  3. The scaled skin is sprayed with Light Flesh from top down, and getting good coverage on the sides of the limbs. Mix in a couple of drops of White Grey to this, and spray the extreme tops of the scaled skin.
  4. Once dry, create three thin oil washes of Abteilung Faded Flesh, Industrial Earth and Williamsburg Naples Yellow. Wash all the skin with the Faded Flesh wash. Place Industrial Earth on the underbelly and in the folds of legs, arms, feet and anything that would likely be near the ground. The Naples Yellow wash is put on the face and claws.
AK Interactive 3rd Generation Acrylics
Standard 4
  • AK11003 White Grey
  • AK11050 Light Flesh
  • AK11060 Sickly Pink
  • AK11063 Brown Rose
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