Knights of Osiris armour

Knights of Osiris armour

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    18 Nov 2019
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    18 Nov 2019
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Main armour colour for the Knights of Osiris, my homebrew Primaris Chapter.

  1. Mechanicus Standard Grey Undercoat with Mechanicus Standard Grey.
  2. Thunderhawk Blue Basecoat with Thunderhawk Blue.
  3. Nuln Oil Recess shade with Nuln Oil.
  4. Russ Grey Highlight with Russ Grey.
  5. Blue Horror Fine highlight with Blue Horror.

Starred by andypearson

Citadel Painting System 5
Layer 3
  • Blue Horror
  • Russ Grey
  • Thunderhawk Blue
Shade 1
  • Nuln Oil
Spray 1
  • Mechanicus Standard Grey
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