Stone walls


Stone walls

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  • Published
    27 Jul 2022
  • Updated
    28 Jul 2022
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  1. prime with black and basecoat with German Fieldgrey WWII spraycan.
  2. paint some stones in German Camouflage Beige WWII
  3. Drybrush with Neutral Grey
  4. Drybrush with Blue Grey Pale
  5. Drybrush the tops of the stones lightly with White
  6. Drybrush with Pale Blue
  7. Cover with Sepia Wash and airbrush a Matt varnish cause it makes it really glossy
  8. Add one more drybrush of pale blue to finish it off



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Vallejo Game Color
Wash 1
  • 72.200 Sepia Wash
Vallejo Model Color
Base 6
  • 70.821 German Camouflage Beige WWII
  • 70.830 German Fieldgrey WWII
  • 70.905 Blue Grey Pale
  • 70.906 Pale Blue
  • 70.951 White
  • 70.992 Neutral Grey
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