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    26 Sep 2022
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    26 Sep 2022
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White Scar or any other flat white spray like Matt White Undercoat . Make sure that the can has been shaken enough that the spray comes out smooth

Undersuit and Gloves

  1. Add Skeleton Horde to all cloth sections
  2. Make sure all leather areas are clear of Skeleton Horde , if so then touch up with a water down White Scar or any other whites. Don't try to do this in one go. Do at least two thin coats
  3. Go over all leathers areas with Snakebite Leather
  4. Paint all suit tubing and weapon cables with a layer of Macragge Blue
  5. Paint tubing ends and other misc areas with Iron Hands Steel


  1. Before starting make sure that all armour area are free of other colours, use a white paint like White Scar to correct this
  2. Add a soild layer of Imperial Fist , be generouswith the amount you put on. If you want to do orange instead then use Magmadroth Flame . Be careful near cloth and leather areas


Once both the armour and cloth go other it with Agrax Earthshade , if you want it to look less brown then Ratling Grime instead

Metal Areas

  1. Paint on Iron Hands Steel on all of the areas that you want to be metal
  2. Once dry use Basilicanum Grey to shade and darken down all metal areas

(If you want any areas to be a brozne or copper colour, now is the time to do it. I would suggest using Gore-grunta Fur instead of Basilicanum Grey and then highlight with Hashut Copper )


  1. All areas that have been painted with Imperial Fist edge highlight with Dorn Yellow
  2. Area with Skeleton Horde highlight select areas with Ushabti Bone
  3. Areas with Macragge Blue should be highlighted with Temple Guard Blue
  4. Spot highlight select areas with Runefang Steel
Citadel Painting System 17
Base 2
  • Iron Hands Steel
  • Macragge Blue
Shade 1
  • Agrax Earthshade
Layer 6
  • Dorn Yellow
  • Hashut Copper
  • Runefang Steel
  • Temple Guard Blue
  • Ushabti Bone
  • White Scar
Spray 1
  • White Scar
Contrast 7
  • Basilicanum Grey
  • Gore-grunta Fur
  • Imperial Fist
  • Magmadroth Flame
  • Ratling Grime
  • Skeleton Horde
  • Snakebite Leather
The Army Painter Warpaints
Spray 1
  • Matt White Undercoat
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