Lothal Bases

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    23 Dec 2022
  • Updated
    23 Dec 2022
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  1. basecoat Ogryn Camo
  2. Drybrush Krieg Khaki
  3. add a single Alien Fire Rd 6mm
  4. superglue alien rosette in center like bush
  5. add either beige 4mm/beige 2mm to surrounding areas (leave enough room between feet and rosette to see the base)
  6. do 2x coats of Lahmian Medium on the rosette
  7. if blue rosette, do layer of Violet Red then a highlight layer in center 40%/50% Violet Red and White
  8. If pink rosette, do layer of Electric Blue then a highlight layer in center of Deep Sky Blue
  9. one more layer of Lahmian Medium for good measure
AK Interactive 3rd Generation Acrylics 3
Standard 2
  • AK11075 Violet Red
  • AK11176 Deep Sky Blue
Intense 1
  • AK11001 White
Citadel Painting System 3
Layer 2
  • Krieg Khaki
  • Ogryn Camo
Technical 1
  • Lahmian Medium
Vallejo Game Color
Base 1
  • 72.023 Electric Blue
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