Fellgor Ravagers (Chaos Beastmen)

Fellgor Ravagers (Chaos Beastmen)

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    24 Apr 2023
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    29 May 2023
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I decided to paint my Fellgor Ravagers Beastmen with a variety of skin tones, but tie the Kill Team together with the colour of the equipment.

Pale Skin

  1. Basecoat the skin with an equal parts mix of Rakarth Flesh , Ushabti Bone and White Scar .
  2. Wash the skin with Reikland Fleshshade , thinned witn an equal amount of Contrast Medium .
  3. If you want to add any extra definition in recesses, I would receommend doing a deep recess shade with some thin Dryad Bark and a thin brush.
  4. Increase the amount of White Scar in the base mix and apply highlights.
  5. Finally, add selective highlights of pure White Scar , where needed.


  1. After the skin was done, I took some Volupus Pink worked it on my wet pallete and then went over the scars.
  2. Edge highlight the raised detail with Pallid Wych Flesh .
  3. Finish off the scars with dots of White Scar on any raised lumps of irregularities in the scar.


  1. Basecoat with Ushabti Bone .
  2. Paint the top two thirds of the horns with XV-88 .
  3. Repeat the process coverring less area with a glaze of Mournfang Brown .
  4. Mix the Mournfang Brown with Rhinox Hide and glaze again. At this point you should be coverring less than one thirds of it (roughly).
  5. Finally, glaze the tip with Rhinox Hide .
  6. Wash the exposed Ushabti Bone with some Skeleton Horde and the XV-88 / Mournfang Brown sections with Agrax Earthshade . I like to thin them both a little on my wet pallete before application.
  7. Now use the browns from your pallete to selectively edge highlight the horns, using a shade one stage lighter than they were painted initially.

Black Fur

  1. Basecoat with Abaddon Black .
  2. Pick out the individual strands with a 1:1 mix of Abaddon Black and Eshin Grey .
  3. Edge highlight strands with a thin line of Dawnstone .
  4. Seletively highlight tips and curves with Administratum Grey .
  5. Finish off with dots of White Scar on the tips of the strands.

Red Cloth

  1. Basecoat with Gal Vorbak Red .
  2. Glaze highlight with a thin 1:1 mix of Gal Vorbak Red . and Khorne Red .
  3. Chunky edge highlight with Evil Sunz Scarlet .
  4. Fine edge highlight with Squig Orange .
  5. Mix the Squig Orange 1:1 with Screaming Skull , then selectively highlight corners and curves.
  6. Add dots of Screaming Skull to finish the cloth.

Black Armour

  1. Basecoat: Black
    Chunky: Incubi / Sons of Horus / Black 1:1:1 (use mix)
    Highlight: Sons of Horus
    Highlight: Ionrach / Dark Reaper 2:1 (use mix)
    Stormhost Silver/bright silver of choice chips added at the end.

Bronze Armour

  1. Basecoat with Runelord Brass .
    Shade: Akhelian green all over wash
    Highlight: base mix
    Highlight: Base mix / Stormhost 1:1
    Highlight: stormhost
    Weathering: glaze green tones build up verdigriswith
  2. Wash with Agrax Earthshade .
  3. Mix Sotek Green and Kabalite Green 1:1 and run it into selective places you want verdigis.
  4. Enhance this weathering my mixing some White Scar into the above paints and adding smaller patches.
  5. Edge highlight the metal with a 1:1 mix of Runelord Brass and Stormhost Silver .
  6. Finish off the metal with selective edge highlights of Stormhost Silver .


  1. Basecoat with Leadbelcher .
  2. Wasdh with Nuln Oil .
  3. Add weathering with thinned Agrax Earthshade , Ratling Grime or any other transparent browns you prefer.
  4. Edge highlight with Stormhost Silver .

Brown Leather

  1. Basecoat the leather area with Rhinox Hide .
  2. Glaze most of the leather with thinned Mournfang Brown . Use quite a small brush and drag towards edges in rough lines. This should create some extra texture.
  3. Add a chunky edge highlight of Skrag Brown to all edges.
  4. Highlight everything again, this time with a fine line of Skrag Brown and Ushabti Bone mixed 1:1. This is a good mix to throw in occasional fine lines as scratches too.
  5. With pure Ushabti Bone , selectively highlight corners and exposed edges of the leather. Put a dot of this colour where the additional scratched above meet edges too.
  6. Add a little pure white (like Dead White ) to your Ushabti Bone and add dot highlights to corners.

The following are alternative recipes I used/plan of using for the rest of the Kill Team. I will update the sections with images, as and when they are complete.

Undead Skin

  1. Basecoat: Rakarth Flesh/Ushabti Bone/White 1:1:1
    Soft Shade: Rakarth Flesh
    Shade: Baneblade Brown
    Deep Shade (if needed) – Gorthor Brown/Dryad Bark 1:1
    Chunky Highlight: Base Mix
    Highlight: Add White to previous mix
    Tip: Add small amounts of Dark Reaper or Sons of Horus Green into the shade-stages to vary the tone of the skin.
    Tip: Add soft glazes of Ushabti Bone to midtones if needed. Add thing glazes of Wazdakka Red around ears, knuckles, elbows, etc.

Rodent Skin

  1. Basecoat: Cadian Fleshtone, Administratum Grey & Blue Horror 2:1:2
    Shade: Reikland Fleshshade & Cadian Fleshtone
    Shade: Carroberg Crimson
    Deep shade (if needed): Doombull Brown, Khorne Red & Black 3:1:1

Grey Skin

  1. Basecoat: Administratum Grey
    Shade: Dawnstone
    Line Shade: Eshin Grey
    Highlight: Administratum Grey/White
    Highlight: Add White to previous mix
    Blending/Glazing towards the top of the body: Thunderhawk Blue

Pale Skin

  1. Basecoat: Rakarth Flesh
    Glaze: Skavenlight Dinge
    Highlight: Rakarth Flesh & Deepkin Flesh 2:1
    Highlight: Deepkin Flesh

White Skin

  1. Basecoat: Celestra Grey & White 1:1
    Shade: Celestra Grey
    Shade: Celetra Grey & Daemonette Hide
    Warm Glazes: Screamer Pink, Kantor & Khorne 1:1:1 (When needed)
    Cold Glazes: Naggaroth Night (When needed)

Orange Skin

  1. Basecoat: Balor Brown/Ogryn Camo 1:1
    Soft Shade: Base Mix/Reikland 2:1
    Deep Shade: Reikland Fleshshade
    Highlight: Base Mix/Flayed One 3:1
    Highlight: Base Mix/Flayed One 1:1
    Highlight: Base Mix/Flayed One 1:3
    Glaze Highlight (If Needed): Screaming Skull

Troll Skin

  1. Basecoat: Rakarth/Flayed One 2:1
    Shade: Cadian/Baneblade 1:1
    Shade: Gorthor
    Highlight: Rakarth/Kislev/White 2:1:1
    Highlight Rakarth/Flayed One/White 2:2:1
    Glaze Ears, Nose, Elbows, Fingers: Wazdakka

Tan Skin

  1. Basecoat: Cadian Fleshtone + Mournfang Brown 1:1
    Shade: Mournfang Brown
    Shade: Mournfang Brown + Rhinox Hide 1:1
    Highlight: Step 1 Mix + Ushabti Bone 3:1
    Highlight: Step 1 Mix + Ushabti Bone 1:1
    Highlight: Step 1 Mix + Ushabti Bone 1:3
    Glaze: Step 1 Mix

Pink Flesh

  1. Basecoat: Cadian Fleshtone + Ushabti Bone(1:1)
    Shade: Reikland + Druchii Violet (1:1)
    Tidy: Basecoat Mix
    Highlight: Cadian Fleshtone + Ushabti Bone(1:2)
    Highlight: Cadian Fleshtone + Ushabti Bone + White (1:2:2)

Yellow Flesh

  1. Basecoat: Zandri Dust
    Shade: Reikland Fleshshade
    Layer: Zandri Dust + Zamesi Desert (1:1)
    Highlight: Zamesi Desert + Flayed One Flesh (1:1)

Chaos Skin

  1. Base coat: Cadian Fleshtone & Administratum Grey 1:1
    Shade: Reikland Fleshshade glazed
    Shade some areas Khorne Red with a touch of Black/ Gal Vorbak Red.
    Layer Cadian Fleshtone & Administratum Grey 1:2
    Add White to highlight further

Zombie Flesh

  1. Basecoat: Cadian Fleshtone, Administratum Grey + White 3:1:1
    Shade: Base mix + Doombull Brown
    Smooth out: base mix
    Glaze mutations: Xereus Purple, Calgar Blue, Straken Green, etc.
    Glaze boils: Yriel Yellow, Casandora Yellow
    Highlight: Base mix + White

Dwarf Skin

  1. Basecoat: Cadian Fleshtone & Ushabti Bone 1:1
    Wash: Reikland Fleshshade
    Deep Shade: Doombull Brown
    Re-Layer: Basecoat
    Highlight: Ushabti Bone
    Highlight: Ushabti Bone & White
    Final Highlight: White
    Glaze with Red, Purple, etc, if needed to add life to the skin

Pale Skin

  1. Basecoat: Pallid Wych Flesh
    Controlled light Shade: Doombull Brown
    Deeper Shade: Doombull Brown & Black
    Highlight: Pallid Wych Flesh
    Highlight: Pallid Wych Flesh & White
    Highlight: White

Rookie Brushes


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Citadel Painting System 31
Base 10
  • Abaddon Black
  • Dryad Bark
  • Gal Vorbak Red
  • Khorne Red
  • Leadbelcher
  • Mournfang Brown
  • Rakarth Flesh
  • Rhinox Hide
  • Runelord Brass
  • XV-88
Shade 3
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Nuln Oil
  • Reikland Fleshshade
Layer 14
  • Administratum Grey
  • Dawnstone
  • Eshin Grey
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Kabalite Green
  • Pallid Wych Flesh
  • Runelord Brass
  • Screaming Skull
  • Skrag Brown
  • Sotek Green
  • Squig Orange
  • Stormhost Silver
  • Ushabti Bone
  • White Scar
Technical 1
  • Contrast Medium
Contrast 3
  • Ratling Grime
  • Skeleton Horde
  • Volupus Pink
Vallejo Game Color
Base 1
  • 72.001 Dead White
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