Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans

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    04 May 2023
  • Updated
    08 May 2023
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What order to paint Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans.

Table Ready

  1. Macragge Blue prime or basecoat.
  2. Black on armor joints and back straps.
  3. Hull Red on belt, pouches, gun holster, and sword sheath.
  4. Rakarth Flesh on tabard and purity seal parchment.
  5. Wine Red on power sword grips.
  6. Sky Grey on relic shield faces and troops' helmets.
  7. Mephiston Red on Sergeant's helmet and purity seal wax.
  8. Leadbelcher on power sword blade, gun holster (endcap & pistol grip), backpack vents & side buttons, and belt buckle & chains.
  9. Silver on shield skulls & halo.
  10. Dwarven Gold on shield edge trim, shield cross, shoulder pad trim, gauntlet decoration, iron halo, knee decorations, sword crossguard & pommel, sword sheath, and chest aquila.



AK Interactive 3rd Generation Acrylics
Standard 1
  • AK11096 Wine Red
Citadel Painting System
Base 4
  • Leadbelcher
  • Macragge Blue
  • Mephiston Red
  • Rakarth Flesh
Scale75 Scalecolor
Metal n' Alchemy 1
  • SC-73 Dwarven Gold
Vallejo Model Color 4
Base 3
  • 70.950 Black
  • 70.985 Hull Red
  • 70.989 Sky Grey
Metallic 1
  • 70.997 Silver
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