Slaanesh Dark Commune

Slaanesh Dark Commune

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    25 Jun 2023
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    25 Jun 2023
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Dark Purple Robe

  1. Basecoat with Abaddon Black .
  2. Glaze raised areas with a thin mix of Naggaroth Night and Abaddon Black .
  3. Chunky, scratchy highlights of 1:1 Naggaroth Night and Screamer Pink .
  4. Fine highlights of Screamer Pink .
  5. Selective highlights of Screamer Pink and and Ushabti Bone .
  6. Mix some Wraithbone into the above and add specular highlights to edges that would hit light and corners where the cloth has frayed.

Gold Mask

  1. Basecoat with a 3:1 mix of Vallejo Metal Color Gold and Copper .
  2. Wash with Reikland Fleshshade .
  3. Shade around recessed and in deep recesses with 1:1 Doombull Brown and Abaddon Black .
  4. Pick out highlights with Gold .
  5. Fine highlights with Vallejo Model AIr Silver RLM01 Metallic .

Black Cloth & Leather

  1. Basecoat with Abaddon Black .
  2. Glaze raised areas with a 1:1 mix of Abaddon Black and Skavenblight Dinge .
  3. Chunky Highlights of Skavenblight Dinge .
  4. Mix some Administratum Grey into your Stormvermin Fur and apply fine edge highlights.
  5. Finally, take some Administratum Grey and add small/specular highlights within the previous stages, leaving dots on the points of the frayed material.
  6. Selective highlights of Karak Stone .
  7. Mix a little White Scar into your Karak Stone and add a few specular highlights, where light would really hit.


  1. Basecoat with Leadbelcher .
  2. Wash with Nuln Oil .
  3. Highlight with Ironbreaker .
  4. Add small edge highlights of Stormhost Silver (or Vallejo Model Air Silver RLM01 Metallic ).

Brown Leather

  1. Basecoat with Rhinox Hide .
  2. Glaze/highlight with Doombull Brown .
  3. Edge highlight with XV-88 .
  4. Mix some Wraithbone into your XV-88 and selectively highlight corners and curves.
  5. Add specular highlights of :wraithbone to corners.

Sword Blade

  1. Basecoat with Vallejo Metal Color Silver (Citadel equivilent is Ironbreaker .
  2. Glaze Gryph-charger Grey from the mid point, towards the darkest point on the blade. Do a couple of passes to re-enforce darker areas if needed.
  3. If you want to darken the blade further, consider mixing some Nuln Oil into your contrast paint and glaze a smaller area with this on later passes. You could even glaze with pure Nuln Oil when needed.
  4. Glaze Stormhost Silver towards the lightest point on the flat of the blade. Repeat as needed.
  5. Sword Hilt


  1. Basecoat with Grey Seer and Ushabti Bone mixed 1:1.
  2. Wash with Skeleton Horde and re-establish the basecoat on raised areas when dry.
  3. Mix some White Scar into the basecoat and slectively highlight the skull.
  4. Finally, add a few selective specular highlights with pure White Scar .

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Citadel Painting System 21
Base 8
  • Abaddon Black
  • Grey Seer
  • Leadbelcher
  • Naggaroth Night
  • Rhinox Hide
  • Screamer Pink
  • Wraithbone
  • XV-88
Shade 2
  • Nuln Oil
  • Reikland Fleshshade
Layer 9
  • Administratum Grey
  • Doombull Brown
  • Ironbreaker
  • Karak Stone
  • Skavenblight Dinge
  • Stormhost Silver
  • Stormvermin Fur
  • Ushabti Bone
  • White Scar
Contrast 2
  • Gryph-charger Grey
  • Skeleton Horde
Vallejo Metal Color
Base 3
  • 77.710 Copper
  • 77.724 Silver
  • 77.725 Gold
Vallejo Model Air
Base 1
  • 71.063 Silver RLM01 Metallic
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