Rumbleslam: Heavy Pounders Team

Rumbleslam: Heavy Pounders Team

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    30 May 2024
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    11 Jun 2024
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Ogre Skin

  1. Basecoat with 1:1 Cadian Fleshtone and Mournfang Brown .
  2. Shade the underside of muscles with thinned Mournfang Brown . Make this shading pretty general.
  3. With a fine brush, shade more selectively in the deepest parts with 1:1 Mournfang Brown and Rhinox Hide .
  4. Glaze: Step 1 Mix increasing amounts of Ushabti Bone into your Cadian Fleshtone and Mournfang Brown base mix and highlight up. For these stages I used rations of roughly 3:1, 1:1 and 1:3.e
  5. Finally I mixed Pallid Wych Flesh 1:1 with the final highlight colour and very selectively picked out details.
  6. Finish with select dots of Pallid Wych Flesh .

Human Skin

  1. Basecoat with pure Cadian Fleshtone .
  2. Add general shading with a thin mix of :2:1 Cadian Fleshtone and Bloodreaver Flesh .
  3. Mix the leftover paint 1:1 with Doombull Brown and shade deep recesses more selectively.
  4. Finish off the shading with small amounts of Doombull Brown only in the deepest/most shaded parts.
  5. Re-establish the basecoat Cadian Fleshtone on raised/exposed areas, in preparation for highlights.
  6. Gradually add Wraithbone to the mix, highlighting smaller and smaller areas. I this in three stages, doing chunky, fine and small selective highlights.
  7. Add specular highlights of Wraithbone in select places.

Halfling Skin

  1. Basecoat with an equal parts mix of Cadian Fleshtone , Kislev Flesh &
  2. Use Reikland Fleshshade to glaze and recess shade. I'd recommend popping some on your wet palette and use a thin brush, to make it easier to control.
  3. Selectivly shade the most shaded parts with Doombull Brown and a thin brush.
  4. Now gradually increase the amount of White in the mix and add some highlights. Like with the human shin, I did this in roughly three stages.
  5. Finish off with specular highlights of White , in a few select places.

Dark Brown Hair

  1. Basecoat with Rhinox Hide .
  2. Mix Rhinox Hide and Gorthor Brown 1:1 and, pick out hairs by overbrushing.
  3. Add increasing amounts of Wraithbone into your Rhinox Hide and Gorthor Brown mix, then pick out smaller and smaller highlights.

Brown Hair

  1. Basecoat with Mournfang Brown .
  2. Wash with Agrax Earthshade .
  3. Mix increasing amounts of Lugganath Orange into your Mournfang Brown , then pick out smaller and smaller highlights.

Black Hair

  1. Basecoat with Abaddon Black .
  2. Pick out hair strands by overbrushing with Stegadon Scale Green .
  3. Mix increasing amounts of Fenrisian Grey into your Stegadon Scale Green , then pick out smaller and smaller highlights.


  1. Add a little Thunderhawk Blue to your base skin colour, then glaze it under the eye.
  2. Now, add a little Black to the above mix and paint around the eye. This is easier if the paint is thin.
  3. Pick out the eyeball with Ulthuan Grey .
  4. Do a small dot with Black for the pupil.


  1. Pick out teeth with Zandri Dust .
  2. Shade the teeth, either using thinned Rhinox Hide on large teeth or wash with a mix of Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade .
  3. Highlight teeth with Screaming Skull .
  4. Selectively highight with Wraithbone .
  5. Add very small/specular highlights with White .


Once the rest of the face is done, mix a little Khorne Red into one of your highlight colours, preferably one close to Cadian Fleshtone . Glaze the bottom lip with this colour, then re-highlight with the final stage again.

Blue Shorts

  1. Basecoat with Stegadon Scale Green .
  2. Shade the recesses with 1:1 Stegadon Scale Green and Black .
  3. Apply chunky highlights of 1:1 Stegadon Scale Green and Thunderhawk Blue .
  4. Now highlight everything with fine lines of Thunderhawk Blue .
  5. Selectively highlight with 1:1 Thunderhawk Blue and Fenrisian Grey .
  6. Add specular/very small highlights of Fenrisian Grey .

White Cloth

  1. Basecoat with 1:1 Celestra Grey and White .
  2. Soft shade with Fenrisian Grey .
  3. Shade more selectively, in the deeper parts of the folds with Dark Reaper .
  4. Add chunky highlights of Celestra Grey and White , mixed roughly 1:3.
  5. Finish off with selective highlights of White .

Dark Brown Leather Gloves

  1. Basecoat the leather area with Rhinox Hide .
  2. Shace recesses with 1:1 Rhinox Hide and Black .
  3. Glaze most of the leather with thinned Mournfang Brown . Use quite a small brush and drag towards edges in rough lines. This should create some extra texture.
  4. Add a chunky edge highlight of Skrag Brown to all edges.
  5. Highlight everything again, this time with a fine line of Skrag Brown and Ushabti Bone mixed 1:1. This is a good mix to throw in occasional fine lines as scratches too.
  6. With pure Ushabti Bone , selectively highlight corners and exposed edges of the leather. Put a dot of this colour where the additional scratched above meet edges too.
  7. Add a little pure white (like Dead White ) to your Ushabti Bone and add dot highlights to corners.

Black Leather Boots

  1. Basecoat with Abaddon Black .
  2. Glaze chunky highlights of Stegadon Scale Green .
  3. Add fine highlights of Thunderhawk Blue .
  4. Selectively highlight with Fenrisian Grey .
  5. Specular highlights of Fenrisian Grey , with a little White mixed in.


  1. Basecoat with Leadbelcher .
  2. Wash with Nuln Oil .
  3. Pick out highlights with Silver RLM01 Metallic .

Rookie Brushes


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Citadel Painting System 27
Base 9
  • Abaddon Black
  • Celestra Grey
  • Khorne Red
  • Leadbelcher
  • Mournfang Brown
  • Rhinox Hide
  • Stegadon Scale Green
  • Wraithbone
  • Zandri Dust
Shade 4
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Nuln Oil
  • Reikland Fleshshade
  • Seraphim Sepia
Layer 14
  • Bloodreaver Flesh
  • Cadian Fleshtone
  • Dark Reaper
  • Doombull Brown
  • Fenrisian Grey
  • Gorthor Brown
  • Kislev Flesh
  • Lugganath Orange
  • Pallid Wych Flesh
  • Screaming Skull
  • Skrag Brown
  • Thunderhawk Blue
  • Ulthuan Grey
  • Ushabti Bone
Vallejo Game Color
Base 1
  • 72.001 Dead White
Vallejo Model Air
Base 1
  • 71.063 Silver RLM01 Metallic
Vallejo Model Color
Base 2
  • 70.950 Black
  • 70.951 White
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