Rumbleslam: Green Bruisers Team

Rumbleslam: Green Bruisers Team

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    30 May 2024
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    21 Jun 2024
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Ork Skin

  1. Basecoat with a mix of Averland Sunset and Skarsnik Green . I make the ratio about 1:1, but add a little more Skarsnik Green , so it reads as green and not yellow.
  2. Shade recesses with Biel-Tan Green . Use a combination of glazing and traditional recess shading.
  3. Run small amounts of Coelia Greenshade into deep recesses with a fine brush. Mix in a little Contrast Medium if you want to make it easier to handle.
  4. Add general highlights to the skin with Ogryn Camo .
  5. How apply fine highlights with Krieg Khaki .
  6. Glaze Kislev Flesh over ear tips, lips, the nose, knuckles and elbows.
  7. Add final selective and specular highlights of 1:1 Screaming Skull and White .

Goblin Skin

  1. Basecoat with Nurgling Green .
  2. Add general shading to the recesses. for this I thinned Skarsnik Green 1:2 with Lahmian Medium and applied it like a controlled wash.
  3. Now mix your Skarsnik Green 1:1 with Coelia Greenshade and apply more controlled shading with a thin brush.
  4. Now shade deep recesses that need more definition with Coelia Greenshade .
  5. In very deep recesses, selectively shade with thinned Incubi Darkness .
  6. Highlight with 1:1 Nurgling Green and Krieg Khaki .
  7. Selectively highlight with Krieg Khaki .
  8. Add very small/specular highlights with 1:1 Krieg Khaki and White .

To finish the skin, I like to glaze ear tips, lips, the nose, knuckles and knees with Kislev Flesh . Then re-add final specular highlights with Pallid Wych Flesh .

Red Eyes

  1. Basecoat with Khorne Red .
  2. Paint the inner part of the eye with Evil Sunz Scarlet .
  3. Paint a small highlight of Troll Slayer Orange in the middle of the eye, to represent the iris.
  4. Finish with an even smaller, specular highlight of Dorn Yellow in the centre, to represent the pupil.


  1. Pick out teeth with Zandri Dust .
  2. Shade the teeth, either using thinned Rhinox Hide on large teeth or wash with a mix of Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade .
  3. Highlight teeth with Screaming Skull .
  4. Selectively highight with Wraithbone .
  5. Add very small/specular highlights with White .


  1. Basecoat with Incubi Darkness .
  2. Highlight with Kabalite Green .
  3. Add selective highlight of Sybarite Green .
  4. Put specular highlight of Deepkin Flesh on the points only.

Troll Skin

  1. Basecoat with 1:1 Karak Stone & Thunderhawk Blue .
  2. Add some Dark Reaper into your base mix and add general shading to the skin.
  3. Deep Shade with Dark Reaper .
  4. On very deep parts I added a little Black and Khorne Red to my Dark Reaper to add real definition. This is also the mix I used to darken the eyes, prior to picking them out.
  5. Increase the amount of Karak Stone in your basemix, so it is now roughly 2:1 with the Thunderhawk Blue . Apply highlights to all of the skin.
  6. With an equal parts mix of Karak Stone , Thunderhawk Blue . and White , add fine highlights to the skin.
  7. Now mix 1:1 Karak Stone and White , then selectively highlight the skin.
  8. You can finish off with specular highlights of White in a few places if you like, but don't overdo it.

Troll Lips and Ears

  1. Glaze overt the areaa with very thin 1:1 :Citadel/KislevFlesh and Khorne Red .
  2. Highlight with Kislev Flesh .
  3. More selectively highlight with Kislev Flesh and White .

Troll Scales

  1. Mix Stegadon Scale Green and Abaddon Black in an equal parts, then thin 50/50 with water. I Used water with a little flow improver, to ensure it ran into recessed, then washed all of the scales.
  2. Drybrush the exposed portions of the scales with Stegadon Scale Green .
  3. Edge highlight with Fenrisian Grey .
  4. Add specular highlights of Blue Horror on points.

Troll Nails

  1. Basecoat with 1:1 Rhinox Hide and Black .
  2. Now cover everything but the deepest recesses with Rhinox Hide and XV-88 1:1.
  3. Apply fine highlights with XV-88 to the ridges.
  4. Add selective highlights of Ushabti Bone tpowards the edge.
  5. Finish with specular highlights of Wraithbone on the ends.

Red Cloth

  1. Basecoat with 1:1 Khorne Red & Doombull Brown .
  2. Mix Khorne Red & Abaddon Black 1:1, thin it down and shade the recesses.
  3. Highlight with a 1:1 mix of your base colour and Jokaero Orange .
  4. With pure Jokaero Orange add fine highlights.
  5. Selectively highlight with 1:1 Jokaero Orange and Ushabti Bone .
  6. Finish of with specular highlights of Screaming Skull , where needed.

Black Cloth

  1. Basecoat with Abaddon Black .
  2. Apply chunky highlights with 1:1 Abaddon Black & Rhinox Hide .
  3. Fine highlight edges with Stormvermin Fur .
  4. Selectively highlight with 2:1 Stormvermin Fur and White .
  5. Apply specular highlights of 1:2 Stormvermin Fur and White on points, folds and roughlooking areas.

Dirty White

  1. Basecoat with Wraithbone .
  2. Highlight with Pallid Wych Flesh .
  3. Mix in White and add smaller highlights, until you have specular highlights of White .

If you want to add chipping to the "buckle" add small patches with Mournfang Brown and underline with dots of White .

Brown Leather

  1. Basecoat the leather area with Rhinox Hide .
  2. Glaze most of the leather with thinned Mournfang Brown . Use quite a small brush and drag towards edges in rough lines. This should create some extra texture.
  3. Add a chunky edge highlight of Skrag Brown to all edges.
  4. Highlight everything again, this time with a fine line of Skrag Brown and Ushabti Bone mixed 1:1. This is a good mix to throw in occasional fine lines as scratches too.
  5. With pure Ushabti Bone , selectively highlight corners and exposed edges of the leather. Put a dot of this colour where the additional scratched above meet edges too.
  6. Add a little pure white (like Dead White ) to your Ushabti Bone and add dot highlights to corners.

Black Leather

  1. Basecoat with Abaddon Black .
  2. Glaze chunky highlights of Stegadon Scale Green .
  3. Add fine highlights of Thunderhawk Blue .
  4. Selectively highlight with Fenrisian Grey .
  5. Specular highlights of Fenrisian Grey , with a little White mixed in.


  1. Basecoat with Leadbelcher .
  2. Wash with Nuln Oil .
  3. Pick out highlights with Silver RLM01 Metallic .

Rookie Brushes


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Citadel Painting System 41
Base 12
  • Abaddon Black
  • Averland Sunset
  • Incubi Darkness
  • Jokaero Orange
  • Khorne Red
  • Leadbelcher
  • Mournfang Brown
  • Rhinox Hide
  • Stegadon Scale Green
  • Wraithbone
  • XV-88
  • Zandri Dust
Shade 5
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Biel-Tan Green
  • Coelia Greenshade
  • Nuln Oil
  • Seraphim Sepia
Layer 22
  • Blue Horror
  • Dark Reaper
  • Deepkin Flesh
  • Doombull Brown
  • Dorn Yellow
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Fenrisian Grey
  • Kabalite Green
  • Karak Stone
  • Kislev Flesh
  • Krieg Khaki
  • Nurgling Green
  • Ogryn Camo
  • Pallid Wych Flesh
  • Screaming Skull
  • Skarsnik Green
  • Skrag Brown
  • Stormvermin Fur
  • Sybarite Green
  • Thunderhawk Blue
  • Troll Slayer Orange
  • Ushabti Bone
Technical 2
  • Contrast Medium
  • Lahmian Medium
Vallejo Game Color
Base 1
  • 72.001 Dead White
Vallejo Model Air
Base 1
  • 71.063 Silver RLM01 Metallic
Vallejo Model Color
Base 2
  • 70.950 Black
  • 70.951 White
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