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    05 Jan 2019
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    05 Jan 2019
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from Warhammer Quest, Shadows over Hammerhall

  1. Undercoat in Black .
  2. Mix 2 parts Bright Orange with 1 part Orange Brown for the body, legs and tail.
  3. Carefully paint Dark Prussian Blue on the collar and spike. Or you can do it Silver .
  4. Mix 1 part Bright Orange , Orange Brown and 1 part White for the neck feathers.
  5. Use a small brush with a tiny bit of Pastel Blue for the eyes.
  6. Deep Yellow for the beak.
  7. To finish, use a thin brush to carefully squiggle lightning lines in Black for the stripe patterns along the body and small lines on the top of the tail.

S & E OC


Mom and son (with help from Dad and youngest) having fun with Warhammer.

Vallejo Model Color 8
Base 7
  • Black
  • Bright Orange
  • Dark Prussian Blue
  • Deep Yellow
  • Orange Brown
  • Pastel Blue
  • White
Metallic 1
  • Silver
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