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  • Published
    03 Jan 2021
  • Updated
    13 Jan 2021
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Dark Necron With Pink-Purple Energy

  1. Airbrush undercoat with corvus cabal.
  2. Eshin Grey drybrush (all over, small drybrush)
  3. Medium/heavy Mechanicus Standard Grey drybrush (top-down, large drybrush)
  4. Light Dawnstone drybrush (top-down, large drybrush)
  5. Even lighter Administratum Grey drybrush (top-down, large drybrush - NOT GUN)
  6. Basecoat joints and "bones" of necron with iron warriors.
  7. Nuln oil gloss on metalics, and double coat on gun or other black "tools".
  8. Nuln oil matt on black body of necron
  9. Grey seer basecoat any "energised" parts
  10. Layer with emperors children.
  11. Wash with magos purple contrast paint
  12. Layer with fulgrim pink
  13. Thinned white scar/fulgrim pink in layers to peak light at centre of source.