Kings of War Bog Ogres

Kings of War Bog Ogres

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    29 Dec 2019
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    29 Dec 2019
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This is the process I used to paint nearly all the ogres in my Kings of War ogre army, borrowed heavily from Sorastro's Blood Rage Painting guide and tweaked over time mostly by my relative lack of his skill. :)

  1. Primer: Matt Black Undercoat and drybrush zenithal highlights with makeup brush using Matt White
  2. Base Coat for skin : Mix four parts Bugman's Glow with one part Stegadon Scale Green and three drops Glaze Medium
  3. Base Coat for Fur: Stormvermin Fur and Lahmian Medium
  4. Skin Wash: four parts Drakenhof Nightshade and equal amount of Lahmian Medium Don't let it pool on raised areas!
  5. Fur Wash: three parts Agrax Earthshade and one part Drakenhof Nightshade and one part Lahmian Medium focusing on shadowed areas while avoiding high areas. Apply additional layers to darker areas as needed
  6. First Skin Highlight: mix three parts Cadian Fleshtone and three parts Thunderhawk Blue and apply in thin layers pulling brush toward highest parts. Avoid overloading the brush to avoid overpainting zenithal highlighting
  7. Second Skin Highlight: Mix Kislev Flesh with Fenrisian Grey and mix some into previous tone in previous step to create intermediate highlight, covering smaller patches of previously highlighted areas, feathering as necessary.
  8. Hair: Unmodified pure Drakenhof Nightshade wash over zenithal-highlighted hair to give a bluish cast without making it too bright
  9. Armor: Bronze as a base coat
  10. Armor Verdigris: Mix three parts Voidshield Blue to one part Naga Green and thin with rubbing alcohol. Mix thoroughly and brush generously on bronze armor bits. If the wash is pooling off the raised edges, add slightly more alcohol until stops pooling in recesses.
  11. Straps and boots: Soooo many straps. Base coat with Leather Brown with a wash of Agrax Earthshade and edge highlight using Desert Yellow
  12. Weapons: Base coat with Harvest Brown and wash with Agrax Earthshade while using Oily Steel for metal bits, washing with Nuln Oil and highlighting with Shining Silver as desired.



I'm a Kings of War and D&D player who has been painting miniatures since Winter 2017.

Citadel Painting System 11
Base 2
  • Bugman's Glow
  • Stegadon Scale Green
Shade 3
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Drakenhof Nightshade
  • Nuln Oil
Layer 5
  • Cadian Fleshtone
  • Fenrisian Grey
  • Kislev Flesh
  • Stormvermin Fur
  • Thunderhawk Blue
Technical 1
  • Lahmian Medium
Reaper Master Series 2
Base 1
  • 9200 Harvest Brown
Bones 1
  • 9413 Naga Green
The Army Painter Warpaints 6
Acrylic 4
  • Desert Yellow
  • Leather Brown
  • Matt White
  • Voidshield Blue
Metallic 1
  • Shining Silver
Spray 1
  • Matt Black Undercoat
Vallejo Auxiliaries
Base 1
  • 70.596 Glaze Medium
Vallejo Model Color
Metallic 2
  • 70.865 Oily Steel
  • 70.998 Bronze
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