Grimdark Dark Angels

Grimdark Dark Angels

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    04 Dec 2021
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    28 Nov 2022
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  1. Black Primer - any brand - I use Valejo Suface Primer Black


  1. Stipple base AK No9 Olive Drab (not in this system, new AFV line AK11339) - good coverage - leave only deepest recesses black
  2. Stipple 1st (wide) zenithal AK Olive Drab Base (new AFV AK11334) - 45deg angle, all around the model
  3. Stipple 2nd (tight) zenithal AK Russian Sand 7k (new AFV AK11370) - choose an angle of light. I use top-right when facing the model
  4. Spot highlight with airbrush Light Earth
  5. Selective edge highlight with AK Russian Sand
  6. Complete the rest of the sections before weathering step

Worn White Detail - Chapter Icon / Aquila

  1. Base Grey Green
  2. Layer Grimy Grey
  3. Spot/edge highlight Ivory


  1. Metal Exhaust Manifold - leave deepest recesses black
  2. Red base Hull Red
  3. Red layer Matt Red
  4. Highlight (optional) Amaranth Red
  5. Highlight / edge highlight (optional) Amaranth Red / Light Earth


  1. Mr. Weathering Multi Black - generous layer over entire model
  2. Wait several minutes to dry - batching painting 5 models, allows you to go back to the first by the time you've completed the 5th
  3. Using make-up sponge, lightly clean the model to taste - I attempt to roughly follow my zenithal pattern, leaving the darkest areas the least clean
  4. Use Mr.Weathering Solvent on the sponge, pick out sections for highest highlight / areas of focus like the faces & weapons


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AK Interactive 3rd Generation Acrylics
Standard 7
  • AK11004 Ivory
  • AK11008 Grimy Grey
  • AK11016 Grey Green
  • AK11086 Amaranth Red
  • AK11092 Matt Red
  • AK11108 Hull Red
  • AK11115 Light Earth
Vallejo Metal Color
Base 1
  • 77.723 Exhaust Manifold
Vallejo Surface Primer
Base 1
  • 70.602 Black
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