Sororitas Rhino

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    08 Jan 2023
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    08 Jan 2023
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Assemble. You can keep the turret and launcher loosely in their holes for now to paint individually later. You should also at least roughly paint the interior as indicated in the assembly instructions. At minimum, paint the floor black (e.g. Black ) and add a silver (e.g. Silver ) drybrush on the floor and inside ramp.

  1. Base coat with Matt Black Undercoat spray paint.

Main elements

  1. White sections (e.g. the fleur-de-lis decorations) are Celestra Grey then Ulthuan Grey and White Scar highlights.
  2. Brass sections are Warplock Bronze , then Agrax Earthshade . You can also use gold with Retributor Armour and Reikland Fleshshade (lighter) or Agrax Earthshade (darker).
  3. Main metals (guns, grenade launcher, tops of exhausts, front bottom fleur-de-lis, hinges, etc) are all Leadbelcher with Nuln Oil and Stormhost Silver highlights.
  4. Tracks are Leadbelcher with Agrax Earthshade and light Stormhost Silver drybrush.

Small details

  1. Seals are Khorne Red with Nuln Oil and Cadian Fleshtone highlights. Parchment is Rakarth Flesh with Agrax Earthshade , then Pallid Wych Flesh and White Scar hightlights.
  2. Lights are White Scar then a yellow wash with Yriel Yellow and medium (or Iyanden Yellow ). Keep or restore Black lines.
  3. The sister on top is standard scheme (e.g. Mephiston Red , Nuln Oil and Evil Sunz Scarlet for the red).

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Citadel Painting System 18
Base 7
  • Celestra Grey
  • Khorne Red
  • Leadbelcher
  • Mephiston Red
  • Rakarth Flesh
  • Retributor Armour
  • Warplock Bronze
Shade 3
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Nuln Oil
  • Reikland Fleshshade
Layer 7
  • Cadian Fleshtone
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Pallid Wych Flesh
  • Stormhost Silver
  • Ulthuan Grey
  • White Scar
  • Yriel Yellow
Contrast 1
  • Iyanden Yellow
The Army Painter Warpaints
Spray 1
  • Matt Black Undercoat
Vallejo Model Color 2
Base 1
  • 70.950 Black
Metallic 1
  • 70.997 Silver
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