Wraith guard

Wraith guard

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    07 Jan 2020
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    22 Apr 2020
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Head and some armor parts

  1. Uniform Grey Undercoat spray
  2. Gorgon Hide Base layer (4 coats)
  3. Ice Storm glaze / shadow / wetblend
  4. Matt White glaze / highlight / wetblend
  5. Gloss Varnish to seal


  1. Uniform Grey Undercoat spray
  2. Dragon Red Base layer (3 coats)
  3. Pure Red Dry brush
  4. Strong Tone deep recesses
  5. Soft Tone other recesses
  6. Dragon Red layer highlight
  7. Pure Red layer highlight
  8. Lava Orange edge highlight
  9. Gun Metal Internal parts
  10. Dark Tone Wash on internal parts
  11. Gloss Varnish to seal

Central gem

  1. Greedy Gold on the central gem
  2. Flesh Wash to wash
  3. Gloss Varnish to seal

Red Gems

  1. Pure Red From bottom to top, let red pool a bit
  2. Lava Orange from bottom to top, only half of the gem
  3. Daemonic Yellow from bottom to top, a little pool, and a dot on the opposite side
  4. Gloss Varnish to seal

Green Gems

  1. Angel Green from bottom to top, let pool a bit
  2. Goblin Green from bottom to top, only half of the gem
  3. Snake Scales top bottom to top, a little pool
  4. Matt White a little dot on the other side
  5. Gloss Varnish to seal


  1. Gun Metal on metal part
  2. Shining Silver on blade part
  3. Greedy Gold on gems slots
  4. Necromancer Cloak on handle
  5. Dark Tone recess shade on metal parts and full wash on handle
  6. Gorgon Hide on reinforced parts
  7. Gloss Varnish to seal


  1. Dab PVA glue on the base
  2. Sprinkle construction sand, with the bigger rocks filtered out
  3. Wait to dry, then apply another PVA glue mixed down 50%-50% with water on top of it to seal
  4. Paint Desert Yellow thinned down, almost like a glaze, to let the original rock color shine throught
  5. Apply a wash of Soft Tone
  6. Dry brush with Skeleton Bone
  7. Anti-Shine Matt Varnish to seal
The Army Painter Warpaints 23
Acrylic 14
  • Angel Green
  • Daemonic Yellow
  • Desert Yellow
  • Dragon Red
  • Goblin Green
  • Gorgon Hide
  • Ice Storm
  • Lava Orange
  • Matt White
  • Necromancer Cloak
  • Pure Red
  • Skeleton Bone
  • Snake Scales
  • Uniform Grey
Metallic 3
  • Greedy Gold
  • Gun Metal
  • Shining Silver
Wash 4
  • Dark Tone
  • Flesh Wash
  • Soft Tone
  • Strong Tone
Effect 2
  • Anti-Shine Matt Varnish
  • Gloss Varnish
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