Lava glow.

Lava glow.

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    15 May 2024
  • Updated
    15 May 2024
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The recipe for the lava of my alternative Khorne Bloodletters

  1. Chaos Black
  2. White Scar into the cracks and recesses.
  3. Flash Gitz Yellow on top of the white.
  4. Yriel Yellow on top of the white.
  5. Radiation Glow mixed with Yriel Yellow glazed into mid areas of the yellow.
  6. Bloody Red glazes into the darkest areas of lava glow.

Starred by andypearson



Citadel Painting System 4
Layer 2
  • Flash Gitz Yellow
  • Yriel Yellow
Air 1
  • White Scar
Spray 1
  • Chaos Black
The Army Painter Warpaints Fanatic
Effect 1
  • Radiation Glow
Vallejo Game Color
Base 1
  • 72.010 Bloody Red
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