Emperor's Heralds - Greenwing

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    02 Jul 2021
  • Updated
    02 Jul 2021
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  1. Prime Black Primer black
  2. Rough stipple Olive Drab Nº9 Full coverage
  3. Stipple Olive Drab Base 70% coverage, mainly upward facing
  4. Stipple AK11370 Russian Sand 7k; 35% coverage, with directional lighting and volume
  5. Airbrush AK11370 Russian Sand 7k; middle of stippled highlights in a smaller area
  6. Airbrush AK11115 Light Earth; middle of previous step's highlights in a smaller value


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AK Interactive Acrylics
  • AK134 Olive Drab Base
  • AK4211 Olive Drab Nº9
Vallejo Mecha Color
Base 1
  • 70.642 Black Primer
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