Warm Gold

Warm Gold

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    22 Jan 2023
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    22 Jan 2023
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My gold recipe

  1. Basecoat with Retributor Armour .
  2. Wash down with Reikland Fleshshade , followed by thinned down Wyldwood for the deeper recesses.
  3. Relayer over with Auric Armour Gold , leaving some washed basecoat around the recesses for a simple gradient. This paint is ...temperamental, so repeat as often as necessary to get solid coverage.
  4. Bring back Reikland Fleshshade and glaze the lower half of each segment and plate to bring a warm shadow to the lower sections. If the gradient is too harsh, bring back Auric Armour Gold and glaze the other way to soften the transition.
  5. Edge highlight all around with a roughly 70:30 mix of Liberator Gold and Stormhost Silver .
  6. If you like, a final point highlight of Stormhost Silver .

Dirty Gold

  1. Stipple around high traffic areas with Basilicanum Grey in thin repeated layers. Go nuts on the first pass, then stipple less and less with each pass in a random pattern to build up a stained grubby layer over the gold.



I'm a casual mini painter who's fallen into the tutorial space. Documenting my progress and recipes as I go!

Citadel Painting System 7
Base 1
  • Retributor Armour
Shade 1
  • Reikland Fleshshade
Layer 3
  • Auric Armour Gold
  • Liberator Gold
  • Stormhost Silver
Contrast 2
  • Basilicanum Grey
  • Wyldwood
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