Sautekh Necron Warriors

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Sautekh Necron Warriors

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    14 Apr 2023
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    14 Apr 2023
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How I paint my Sautekh Warriors, as a text supplement to my video tutorial.


  1. Start from a Leadbelcher base coat. I used the spray can for this, but the brush on paint works fine too.
  2. Wash the whole mini with Nuln Oil , then again with Agrax Earthshade .
  3. Drybrush the silver areas with Necron Compound . A brighter silver like Ironbreaker or Runefang Steel will work just as good if you don't have dry paints.
  4. Add an edge highlight of Stormhost Silver , as well as coating any 'moving' parts - think balls joints and pistons.
  5. Bring back Agrax Earthshade to dirty up the lower sections of each part of the skeleton. Build in with as many coats as desired, I like two or three for mine. Pull the paint towards the bottom most point to keep the gradient.


  1. Base in the cartouche on the chest with Matt Black .
  2. Glaze Caliban Green down from around the center of the cartouche to build the look of a real dark green.
  3. Base the symbol on the cartouche with Warpstone Glow . Give this a couple coats to get a solid colour.
  4. Paint the 'arms' of the symbol with Moot Green , leaving the center ring as Warpstone Glow.

Black cables

  1. Base any ribbed cables with Corax White .
  2. Wash over completely with Gryph-charger Grey , then again with Black Templar . I'm using the nature of Contrast paints here to get a quick cold-black colour, without needing to individually highlight the ribs as many times as I would with layer paint.
  3. Highlight the ribs with Thunderhawk Blue . If you wick off most of the paint and you're careful, you can run the side of the brush along the ribs to hit these quickly - Can't get paint in the recesses if the brush never gets in there, after all!
  4. Add a second smaller highlight with Fenrisian Grey .
  5. A last line of point highlights with Ulthuan Grey .

Purple cables

  1. Carefully base in the smooth cables with Daemonette Hide .
  2. Wash them back with Nuln Oil , pulling the shade towards either end of the cable to add a bit more shading.
  3. Add a thick highlight with Warpfiend Grey .
  4. Then one last smaller highlight with Slaanesh Grey .

Copper details

  1. For a bit of colour variance, I base the frayed wires around the Warriors with Runelord Brass .
  2. Wash these details back with Agrax Earthshade .
  3. Add a quick highlight with Canoptek Alloy .


  1. For the casing on the gun I used Corvus Black as the basecoat.
  2. All the hard edges were highlighted with Eshin Grey .
  3. Any upper facing surfaces got one more thinner highlight of Dawnstone .
  4. The silvers are already washed from painting the skeleton, so they just need a pass over with an Ironbreaker relayer.
  5. Then a quick highlight with Stormhost Silver .
  6. The glowing orbs on the weapons were given a basecoat with Corax White . I heavily watered this down to run it a couple times into the wells around the orbs.
  7. I repeat the process with Moot Green .
  8. And once more with Green Fluorescent .
  9. The center of the orbs was highlighted with Gauss Blaster Green .

Bright green glow

  1. Any cables I wanted to have the 'glowing' effect to them I based with Caliban Green .
  2. I watered down Warpstone Glow to a glaze at this point and introduced a gradient onto the cables, pulling the brush from either end to the center. I did a few coats of this until I had a nice gradient on there. While I have a thin Warpstone Glow, I also ran this into the gaps in the ribcage and also wholly into the eye sockets.
  3. Next I mix Moot Green and Lahmian Medium about 1:4, water it down to help it apply, then repeat the same process on the cables covering a smaller area than last time. Again, a few coats of this gives a convincing gradient. I also added this into the ribcage again, just dropping it next to the cartouche. I also fully layered the eyeballs with some unthinned Moot Green.
  4. I finished the cables with a tiny touch of very thin Yriel Yellow , to make the 'hot spot' of the gradient.
  5. Lastly, I dotted the eyes of the Warrior with Gauss Blaster Green .



I'm a casual mini painter who's fallen into the tutorial space. Documenting my progress and recipes as I go!

Citadel Painting System 26
Base 5
  • Caliban Green
  • Corax White
  • Corvus Black
  • Daemonette Hide
  • Runelord Brass
Shade 2
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Nuln Oil
Layer 14
  • Canoptek Alloy
  • Dawnstone
  • Eshin Grey
  • Fenrisian Grey
  • Gauss Blaster Green
  • Ironbreaker
  • Moot Green
  • Slaanesh Grey
  • Stormhost Silver
  • Thunderhawk Blue
  • Ulthuan Grey
  • Warpfiend Grey
  • Warpstone Glow
  • Yriel Yellow
Dry 1
  • Necron Compound
Technical 1
  • Lahmian Medium
Spray 1
  • Leadbelcher
Contrast 2
  • Black Templar
  • Gryph-charger Grey
The Army Painter Warpaints
Acrylic 1
  • Matt Black
Vallejo Model Color
Fluorescent 1
  • 70.737 Green Fluorescent
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