Non Metallic Metals (Limited Color Palette)


Non Metallic Metals (Limited Color Palette)

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    02 Aug 2023
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    02 Aug 2023
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A way of creating a pale non-metallic for stormcasts using a limited color palette.

Non-metallic Metals (Gold)

The end result of this paint for the gold ends up being fairly pale, to reach a more golden saturation consider adding some red / orange or yellow depending on the hue you would like to target.

  1. Prime Black Black
  2. Prep Wet Palette with the following Warm Brown Golden Brown Payne's Grey Bold Titanium White
  3. Mix a small amount of Warm Brown into Golden Brown to make a warmer brown. Add a small amount of Payne's Grey to darken for your first layer. Paint on metallic areas.
  4. Build up layers by adding more Golden Brown If transistions are too harsh feather down to a warm color with Golden Brown and even more to a cool color with Payne's Grey (Pay attention to where you want your light source and hills and valleys of the model.)
  5. Edge highlight with mixes of Golden Brown and Bold Titanium White building up your edge layers.
  6. Create scratches with Warm Brown lines and Bold Titanium White above the line.
  7. Painting blues for the cloth and the shield pads are done by mixing Coal Black and Payne's Grey and then building up by mixing in more Payne's Grey and Bold Titanium White
Monument Creature Caster Pro Acryl 6
Base 3
  • 001 Bold Titanium White
  • 002 Coal Black
  • 017 Golden Brown
Signature Series: Vince Venturella 1
  • S02 Payne's Grey
Signature Series: Ninjon 1
  • S09 Warm Brown
Prime 1
  • PRIME 002 Black
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