Idoneth Deepkin Tidecaster

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    09 Oct 2023
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    11 Nov 2023
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  1. Prime model with Mechanicus Standard Grey

Fabric (cloak, tassels, scarf)

  1. BASE in Dirty Red
  2. BASE bottom 1/3 in Deep Purple
  3. GLAZE middle 1/3 area Deep Purple top-to-bottom to create a smooth transition between both colours
  4. Mix a tiny amount of Tenebrous Grey into Deep Purple to create a shade, and GLAZE that around the edges of the cloak (leaving the raised details alone) and along the recess areas to create shadow
  5. Mix a tiny amount of Vampiric Flesh into Deep Purple to create a tint, and GLAZE that around the riased areas of the material (30% surface area) where the light would naturally catch and highlight
  6. Mix a tiny amount more Vampiric Flesh into the previous mix and GLAZE to highlight the brightest/highest areas (10% surface area)
  7. Mix a tiny amount more Vampiric Flesh into the previous mix and use to EDGE highlight the details of the cloak
  8. GLAZE Dirty Red on the top 1/3 of the cloak in a mid-to-top motion to add some red back in to the top part of the cloak

Pale Skin

  1. BASE in Deep Purple
  2. LAYER a 1:2 mix of Deep Purple + Vampiric Flesh on the top surface of all the skin
  3. GLAZE the above mix on the underneath of all the skin and smooth the transitions
  4. LAYER pure Vampiric Flesh on the brightest 10% of the stop skin
  5. GLAZE the above to smooth the transitions

Black Armour

  1. WASH primed surface with a 1:5 mix of Tenebrous Grey + Contrast Medium
  2. EDGE HIGHLIGHT 1:2 Tenebrous Grey + Offwhite
  3. EDGE HIGHLIGHT 1:3 Tenebrous Grey + Offwhite
  4. SPOT HIGHLIGHT 1:5 Tenebrous Grey + : Offwhite


  1. BASE panels with several layers of Offwhite
  2. GLAZE Magenta from outer edge to inner, then mid to inner, then last 20% of inside surface

Dark Leather (boots, trousers, straps, belts)

  1. BASE in Tenebrous Grey
  2. LAYER with dark purple mix of 1:2 Dirty Red + Phthalo Green

Coral (staff, headdress, base)

  1. BASE in Offwhite
  2. WASH with 1:2 mix of Vampiric Flesh + Contrast Medium


  1. BASE in Vampiric Flesh
  2. LAYER 1:1 mix of Vampiric Flesh + Offwhite
  3. EDGE highlight Offwhite


  1. BASE in Offwhite
  2. GLAZE with Phthalo Green
  3. HIGHLIGHT most reflective spot with 1:1 Offwhite + Phthalo Green dot

OSL from charm

  1. GLAZE Phthalo Green over surfaces starting close and working outwards from charm, but with brushstrokes that go in the direction towards the charm
  2. HIGHLIGHT charm with 1:1 mix of Offwhite + Phthalo Green

Fish companion

  1. BASE top surface in dark purple 1:2 mix of Dirty Red + Phthalo Green
  2. LAYER a 1:1 blend of above mix with Magenta
  3. LAYER with Magenta
  4. EDGE with pink mix 1:2 Offwhite + Magenta just on tips of fins and face


  1. BASE completely in light grey 1:1:3 mix of Tenebrous Grey + Vampiric Flesh + Offwhite
  2. WASH with 5:1 mix of Contrast Medium + Deep Purple
  3. DRYBRUSH with Vampiric Flesh
AK Interactive 3rd Generation Acrylics 6
Standard 5
  • AK11002 Offwhite
  • AK11026 Tenebrous Grey
  • AK11057 Vampiric Flesh
  • AK11067 Magenta
  • AK11095 Dirty Red
Intense 1
  • AK11074 Deep Purple
Citadel Painting System 2
Technical 1
  • Contrast Medium
Spray 1
  • Mechanicus Standard Grey
Kimera Kolors
Base 1
  • Phthalo Green
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