Dark Heralds - Base Armour workup

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    04 Jul 2020
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    05 Jul 2020
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This is the work-up for the

Note on aribrush sections. All paints through the airbrush is thinned at least 1 or 2 parts thinner to 1-part paint. varnish is usually 1-2 parts thinner to 4 parts varnish.
The thinner is itself a standard mix of 8 parts Airbrush Thinner to 2 parts Airbrush Flow Improver

Prime & Basecoat (airbrush)

  1. Prime with Vallejo Surface Primer Black or Stynylrez Black Primer
  2. Basecoat with Vallejo Model Air US Olive Drab (at 0 degrees direct horizontal to 90 degrees straight down), leaving black in the deepest recesses

Highlights (airbrush)

  1. Apply zenithal highlight (at 45-90 degrees top-down) with Vallejo Model Air Hemp
  2. Reinforce specific areas with Hemp that needs emphasize. Choose an angle (ie. right-70) and spot highlight areas from that angle
  3. Apply second spot highlights to smaller sections of the above areas with Ivory

The right pauldron will work up to a lighter off white during this step, apply full coverage of the Ivory to the inner area of the pauldron. Sargeants. ha

1st Wash (brush)

  1. Apply light 1:1 wash of Citadel Nuln Oil /Citadel Lahmian Medium

Optional: Panel lining (brush)

  1. Apply a coat or Vallejo Acrylic Gloss Varnish with the airbrush
  2. Panel line with AK Interactive Brown and Green Camouflage Panel Liner Enamel

The gloss coat is not mandatory, but it will provide a smoother surface over which the panel liner enamel can flow more freely, and provide a longer window for cleanup of any mistakes

Apply Decals & 2nd Wash

  1. Apply decals
  2. If gloss varnish and panel lining steps were done, apply a coat of AK Interactive Ultra Matte Varnish
  3. Apply light 1:1 wash of Citadel Athonian Camoshade : /Citadel Lahmian Medium

Edge Highlighting

  1. Apply edge highlights of Hemp to the base armor, focusing on about 60-70% of the lines, primarily the ones naturally exposed to the zenithal 'light-source'
  2. Apply a second edge highlight of Ivory to a smaller section of the previous highlights exclusively to the light-source edges
  3. Apply a final point of light with Ice Yellow to select sections of the Ivory highlights

* for batch paint line units, a single highlight of the Ivory will be enough


Paint Pad supporter

AK Interactive 2
Paneliner 1
  • AK2071 Brown and Green Camouflage
Varnish 1
  • AK183 Ultra Matte Varnish
Badger Stynylrez
Base 1
  • Black Primer
Citadel Painting System 3
Shade 2
  • Athonian Camoshade
  • Nuln Oil
Technical 1
  • Lahmian Medium
Vallejo Auxiliaries
Base 3
  • 28.530 Acrylic Gloss Varnish
  • 71.261 Airbrush Thinner
  • 71.262 Airbrush Flow Improver
Vallejo Model Air
Base 3
  • 71.023 Hemp
  • 71.043 US Olive Drab
  • 71.075 Ivory
Vallejo Model Color
Base 1
  • 70.858 Ice Yellow
Vallejo Surface Primer
Base 1
  • 70.602 Black
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