Titanicus - Legio Mortis

Titanicus - Legio Mortis

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    25 Apr 2023
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    25 Apr 2023
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  1. Prime with Black Primer
  2. Base Coat Skeletal Structure and weapon metal with Dark Steel
  3. Base Coat Armor Plates Back with 1:1 mix of Black and Black Ink
  4. Base Coat Armor Plates Back with Scarlet and then Bloody Red with an airbrush so that the central parts of the plates are highlighted
  5. Paint trim of armor panels with Brassy Brass


  1. With a sponge, stipple small scratches wear with Leadbelcher
  2. Airbrush Entire model with AK Interactive Streaking Grime (Enamel Wash) - Well ventilated with a respirator as this stuff is toxic.
  3. Using Q-tips and cotton balls remove excess Streaking Grime with Mineral Spirits
  4. Use AK Interactive Rust Streaks (Enamel Wash) for rust streaks where applicable - Well ventilated with a respirator as this stuff is toxic.
  5. Apply weathering powder to base of legs, etc using Vallejo Pigments, Brow Iron Oxide (73.108)

Model Base

  1. Apply Martian Ironcrust texture paint to base
  2. Drybrush a highlight on the texture paint with Fire Dragon Bright

Starred by dmhflip74

Citadel Painting System 3
Base 1
  • Leadbelcher
Layer 1
  • Fire Dragon Bright
Texture 1
  • Martian Ironcrust
Vallejo Game Color 4
Base 3
  • 72.010 Bloody Red
  • 72.051 Black
  • 72.058 Brassy Brass
Ink 1
  • 72.094 Black Ink
Vallejo Mecha Color
Base 1
  • 69.065 Dark Steel
Vallejo Model Color
Base 1
  • 70.817 Scarlet
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