Tau: Farsight Enclaves

Tau: Farsight Enclaves

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    18 Feb 2020
  • Updated
    07 Apr 2020
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Color Scheme for Farsight Enclaves


  1. Prime with Vallejo Black Surface Primer
  2. Base Coat with Scarlet Red
  3. Zenithal Highlight (or highlight larger armor plates) with Bloody Red
  4. Edge Highlight the red parts of the armor with Evil Sunz Scarlet
  5. Paint parts of armor with Rakarth Flesh as needed and highlight with White Scar
  6. Paint base (after applying sand/rock mixture) with Beige Brown and a small are in the middle to create a shadow with German Camouflage Med Brown


  1. Paint Legs and Arm Cloth with Abaddon Black and and Black Ink (3:1 ratio). Highlight with Administratum Grey
  2. Paint some part of the weapon with Eshin Grey and Edge highlight with Administratum Grey
  3. Paint barrel tips of Pulse weapons with Teclis Blue
  4. Paint the lenses of weapons with Warpstone Glow
  5. Paint the Tau chest symbol and the sphere on the weapons with Brassy Brass
  6. Paint hemet lens area with Abaddon Black and Black Ink (3:1 ratio)
  7. Paint antenna of helmet with Dark Steel
  8. Paint lenses with Teclis Blue and Yriel Yellow
  9. Paint hooves with Altdorf Guard Blue

Plasma/Ion Weapon and Shield Drone Glow

  1. Airbrush with Electric Blue and airbrush the "hot" part with Dead White

Battlesuit "Skeleton"

  1. Paint all "skeleton" with Black
  2. Drybrush all battlesuit skeletons with Leadbelcher
Citadel Painting System 11
Base 3
  • Abaddon Black
  • Leadbelcher
  • Rakarth Flesh
Layer 8
  • Administratum Grey
  • Altdorf Guard Blue
  • Eshin Grey
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Teclis Blue
  • Warpstone Glow
  • White Scar
  • Yriel Yellow
Vallejo Game Color 7
Base 6
  • 72.001 Dead White
  • 72.010 Bloody Red
  • 72.012 Scarlet Red
  • 72.023 Electric Blue
  • 72.051 Black
  • 72.058 Brassy Brass
Ink 1
  • 72.094 Black Ink
Vallejo Mecha Color
Base 1
  • 69.065 Dark Steel
Vallejo Model Color
Base 2
  • 70.826 German Camouflage Med Brown
  • 70.875 Beige Brown
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