Uruk Hai Scout

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  • Published
    28 Aug 2023
  • Updated
    29 Sep 2023
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  1. Grey Primer


  1. Give it a good dose of Shyish Purple . It should in fact be almost black. This goes for armour, helmet, boot fronts and gloves.
  2. Armour drybrush Cold Steel a gentle drybrush, to indicate the equiplent is neither elegant, nor new.


  1. Flesh Tearers Red all over the exposed skin
  2. Seraphim Sepia a gentle wash of all the skin
  3. Nuln Oil thin lines in the recesses


  1. Wyldwood all over the coats, belts... Anything that looks as if it could be made of leather...ish materials.
Citadel Painting System 5
Shade 2
  • Nuln Oil
  • Seraphim Sepia
Contrast 3
  • Flesh Tearers Red
  • Shyish Purple
  • Wyldwood
Formula P3
Metallic 1
  • Cold Steel
Vallejo Hobby Spray Paint
Base 1
  • 28.011 Grey
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