Seraphon Kroxigors

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    08 Jul 2024
  • Updated
    22 Jul 2024
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  1. Prime in Chaos Black
  2. Zenithel in Death Guard Green

Scales and Skin

  1. Clean up model with Death Guard Green
  2. Use Kroxigor Scales on all scales, tail and claws. Feather out on to skin to make a blend
  3. Use heavily watered down Kroxigor Scales to create a 'wash' for skin/chest.
  4. Use Terradon Turquoise and apply to claws, horns and as a shadow for the back scales.
  5. Use Death Guard Green to clean up mistakes and give first Volume highlights to skin.
  6. Mix a little Sahara Yellow into the Death Guard Green and further highlight the skin.
  7. Add more Sahara Yellow into the mix for the final volume highlight.
  8. Take Kroxigor Scales and water down with Contrast Medium Add small spots near areas you want.
  9. Once dry take same mixture and glaze over the areas, starting in the lightest area and pulling into the darker/recesses. Allow to pool in these areas.


  1. Base in Graphite
  2. Create a glass with a Matte black, like Black and Lahmian Medium 1:4. Run over all stone areas.


  1. Basecoat: Retributor Armour Chain Mail Silver Gore-grunta Fur 2:2:1
  2. Soft Shade, watered down 4:1 Gore-grunta Fur
  3. Deep Shade: Doombull Brown , Black and Contrast Medium 1:1:4
  4. Tidyup with Base Mix
  5. Highlight: Retributor Armour and Chain Mail Silver 1:1
  6. Highlight: Chain Mail Silver
AK Interactive 3rd Generation Acrylics 3
Standard 2
  • AK11019 Graphite
  • AK11040 Sahara Yellow
Intense 1
  • AK11029 Black
Citadel Painting System 10
Base 2
  • Death Guard Green
  • Retributor Armour
Layer 1
  • Doombull Brown
Technical 2
  • Contrast Medium
  • Lahmian Medium
Spray 2
  • Chaos Black
  • Death Guard Green
Contrast 3
  • Gore-grunta Fur
  • Kroxigor Scales
  • Terradon Turquoise
Vallejo Game Color
Base 1
  • 72.053 Chain Mail Silver
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