Emperor's children pink armor

Emperor's children pink armor

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    22 Oct 2021
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    25 Oct 2021
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Many ppl have asked me how I paint my emperor's children pink so here's a detailed guide for yaπŸ˜‰ The scheme is pretty easy and doesn't require too many paints and steps, while the end result looks decent, at least 4 me. Hope this helps!🀘🏻

  1. Prime the model with black spray and then apply a coat of white Corax White (more or less a zenithal fashion)
  2. Apply two thin coats of Basic Skin Tone mixed with flow improver 2:1 to all the armor plates that you want to be pink
  3. Give the armor a coat of Volupus Pink thinned with flow improver in a 1:1 ratio
  4. Recess shading with Volupus Pink thinned down with flow improver 1:1 and a glaze with the same mixture towards the shadows and lower parts of the armor panels. On a rank and file model I'm putting one glaze and feather it out with a clean brush, on a hq I do several glazes to get a nicer transition.
  5. Glaze Light Flesh on the high points of the model and towards the hard edges. I do that in two or three passes because it's a very light color and it's barely visible after a single glaze.
  6. Edge highlight with Light Flesh
  7. Final step is a dot highlight with Off White on the corners and rivets. I've also blacked out all the areas that won't benefit from the white zenithal so you can see better how the finished pink looks.


Chaos emperor's children

Citadel Painting System 2
Spray 1
  • Corax White
Contrast 1
  • Volupus Pink
Vallejo Model Color
Base 3
  • 70.815 Basic Skin Tone
  • 70.820 Off White
  • 70.928 Light Flesh
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