Pink Horrors

Pink Horrors

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    13 Mar 2022
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    13 Mar 2022
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I wanted very pink Pink Horrors. This recipe uses an airbrush for zenithal highlights and basecoating for speed, but I am sure this could be achieved with a brush. This covers the painting of the whole model.


  1. Prime Corax White
  2. Airbrush steps - 1) Basecoat with Screamer Pink . 2) Zenithal (top-down, but most of the model) Magenta 3) Zenithal (directly above) Emperor's Children 4) Under shade with Volupus Pink
  3. Line the muscles with Volupus Pink
  4. Add Shyish Purple to the very deepest skin recesses, particularly where the under shade is strong, such as feet. I actually mixed in Druchii Violet to Volupus Pink in lieu of not having Shyish Purple !
  5. Tidy with the most appropriate base colour (either Magenta or Emperor's Children )
  6. Glaze a highlight with the most appropriate colour. EG: on the dark legs, Emperor's Children . On the upper, mix Wraithbone into the Emperor's Children to build up highlights. Use almost pure Wraithbone on the face.
  7. An extra step would be to use the highlight colours to add striations over the muscles to really build the skin up. But, when painting 30 of these...

Gold and other metals

  1. See my Black Legion gold for the gold recipe. Other metal bits would be a mix of Leadbelcher and Silver RLM01 Metallic , shaded with Basilicanum Grey and highlighted with Silver RLM01 Metallic

Teeth and Claws, Tongue

  1. Basecoat in Abaddon Black
  2. First chunky highlight of Sotek Green . If the tongue, cover the whole tongue.
  3. Follow up with a thin highlight of Temple Guard Blue . On the tongue, this is the chunky highlight. Stippling here looks quite effective.
  4. Larger dot highlight of Baharroth Blue . Stipple further on the tongue.
  5. Final tiny dot of Blue Horror . Small stipples of this on the teeth. Add a bit of White Scar here to add one final dot on the tip of the tongue only.
  6. Finish up with a mix of Nuln Oil Gloss and Lahmian Medium (to knock the gloss back a bit) and use it to glaze the teeth for a slightly shiny finish.
  7. Finish up the tongue with a glaze of Terradon Turquoise and Contrast Medium (1:1) in the recesses, and line in the deepest recesses.

Flames and Eyes

  1. Follow my Green Flames Rev iii for the recipe for the flames. Always do last as you can apply some minor OSL.
  2. Eyes are basecoated White Scar . Wash with Hexwraith Flame mixed with a bit of Yellow Fluorescent . This can flow onto the lids for a glow effect. Establish a centre dot of white, then glaze with Yellow Fluorescent



Warhammer Hobbyist. Mostly Black Legion, Thousand Sons, Chaos Daemons and Chaos Knights. Drukhari for 2023. Hope you find these recipes useful!

Citadel Painting System 21
Base 5
  • Abaddon Black
  • Corax White
  • Leadbelcher
  • Screamer Pink
  • Wraithbone
Shade 2
  • Druchii Violet
  • Nuln Oil Gloss
Layer 6
  • Baharroth Blue
  • Blue Horror
  • Emperor's Children
  • Sotek Green
  • Temple Guard Blue
  • White Scar
Technical 2
  • Contrast Medium
  • Lahmian Medium
Air 1
  • White Scar
Contrast 5
  • Basilicanum Grey
  • Hexwraith Flame
  • Shyish Purple
  • Terradon Turquoise
  • Volupus Pink
Vallejo Model Air
Base 1
  • 71.063 Silver RLM01 Metallic
Vallejo Model Color 2
Base 1
  • 70.945 Magenta
Fluorescent 1
  • 70.730 Yellow Fluorescent
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