Warm Gold

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    05 Apr 2022
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    07 Jul 2022
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A reminder to myself of how I paint the gold on my Salamanders. The oil paints used are Winsor & Newton Winton Oils, because that's what I have! The oil wash is comprised of about five times as much white spirit as paint Update: A simpler version is included in my Salamanders tutorial here: https://paintpad.app/recipes/2325-salamanders-v0-9

  1. Basecoat with a 1:1 mixture of Retributor Armour and Hull Red
  2. Add a highlight with Retributor Armour
  3. Oil wash with a mixture of one part Alizarin Crimson to one part Burnt Sienna with a tiny spot of Prussian Blue mixed in
  4. After about ten minutes, use a cotton bud, small piece of kitchen roll or similar to wipe some of the paint away from the raised areas.
  5. Leave the paint to dry; as it's really thin it will probably dry in a couple of hours, but I usually leave it overnight to be on the safe side.
  6. Add a highlight with a 2:1 mixture of Retributor Armour and Dark Aluminum
  7. Add a highlight with a 1:1 mixture of Liberator Gold and Dark Aluminum
  8. Add some small spot highlights with Dark Aluminum
Citadel Painting System 2
Base 1
  • Retributor Armour
Layer 1
  • Liberator Gold
Vallejo Metal Color
Base 1
  • 77.703 Dark Aluminum
Vallejo Model Color
Base 1
  • 70.985 Hull Red
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