14th Avalon Hussars

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    16 Jul 2020
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    01 Aug 2020
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Battletech Regiment of the Armed Forces Federated Suns, House Davion. Painted for the Orbisonia campaign.

A Wasp WSP-1A battletech. Ripped from Mechwarrior online and printed on a Phrozen Make 2019 in Phrozen grey PLA at 30 micron layers. Its stuck to a very old GW hexed paint pot with Blu-Tak. That is my painting holder.


  1. Undercoat: Black airbrushed on the whole model

Base coat

  1. Basecoat: airbrush Dark Sea Gray at a medium Zenethal
  2. Spot light: airbrush Cold Grey in highlight spots
  3. Mid tone: airbrush Stone Wall Grey Zenethal

Blocking base colours

  1. Blocking: Pick out random patterns of panels and components to coat in Wolf Grey
  2. Drybrush: Scrub with Dead White to pick out raised edges
  3. Blocking: block in Metallic parts with Black
  4. Black lining: black line panel lines with Black
  5. Blocking: paint in Silver RLM01 Metallic on metallic parts around the Joints of the mech


  1. Airbrush a thin cote of Acrylic Gloss Varnish
  2. Add decals to the model. House symbol on the right, regiment on the left. Add Three Identification number decals to legs and arms for all round recognition
  3. Airbrush a thin cote of Acrylic Gloss Varnish over all decals
  4. Pin wash with Panel Line Wash
  5. With a soft fine brush gently soak away the excess oil paint. Being careful to target dried meniscus lines
  6. Airbrush with with Acrylic Matt Varnish

The base

  1. Paint the base black
  2. Paint the top of the base with muddy terrain filler and waits 24hrs to dry
  3. Wash the base with Agrax Earthshade to give depth to the texture
  4. Drybrush Steel Legion Drab onto the base
  5. Drybrush with Tallarn Sand

The cockpit glass

  1. Cockpit glass starts with a Black kote on all of the cockpit bits. From a step above
  2. Paint the bottom right crescent with Ultramarine Blue covering the black layer except for a circle in the top left.
  3. Paint a smaller crescent of Magic Blue over the previous layer
  4. Paint a smaller crescent of a blend of Magic Blue and Dead White

Starred by znewbie

Commissar Harris


Painting and gaming on and off for 35 years. Still not learnt a damn thing

Citadel Painting System 3
Base 1
  • Steel Legion Drab
Shade 1
  • Agrax Earthshade
Layer 1
  • Tallarn Sand
Vallejo Auxiliaries
Base 2
  • 28.530 Acrylic Gloss Varnish
  • 28.531 Acrylic Matt Varnish
Vallejo Game Air
Base 6
  • 72.701 Dead White
  • 72.721 Magic Blue
  • 72.722 Ultramarine Blue
  • 72.749 Stone Wall Grey
  • 72.750 Cold Grey
  • 72.751 Black
Vallejo Game Color
Base 3
  • 72.001 Dead White
  • 72.047 Wolf Grey
  • 72.051 Black
Vallejo Model Air
Base 2
  • 71.053 Dark Sea Gray
  • 71.063 Silver RLM01 Metallic
Vallejo Surface Primer
Base 1
  • 70.602 Black
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