3rd Oriente Hussars

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    25 May 2021
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    01 Jun 2021
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Units of the Oriente Hussars display their group insignia prominently, usually on the upper torso of a BattleMech or the turret-front of armor units. The insignia depicts a stylized white Oriente Hawk, its torso on a red background surrounded by a golden box. The wings of the hawk extend beyond the box reaching across a green, lozenge-shaped background. The insignia of the Third Hussars shows three interlocking rings.

Base model

  1. A Warhammer WHM-6R Battlemech. Ripped from Mechwarrior online and printed on a Phrozen Make 2019 in Phrozen grey PLA at 30 micron layers. Its stuck to a very old GW hexed paint pot with Blu-Tak. That is my painting holder.


  1. Undercoat: White airbrushed on the whole model

Base coat

  1. Base coat a layer of Dark Green over the whole model
  2. Mid tone Kabalite Green airbrushed from the Zenith
  3. High tone Sick Green from the zenith


  1. Block in metallic areas in : VallejoGameAir/black:
  2. Pick out red flashes and detail in Dead White
  3. Cover the areas of white picked out with Aldebaran Red
  4. Pick out areas of plate on right arm with Bone White
  5. Pick out the blacked areas as Brassy Brass
  6. Highlight the golden areas with Relictor Gold
  7. Pick out the remainder metal areas, all of the joints as Silver
  8. Outlining in Black using a Windsor Newton 0 brush

Starred by znewbie

Commissar Harris


Painting and gaming on and off for 35 years. Still not learnt a damn thing

Citadel Painting System 2
Layer 1
  • Kabalite Green
Air 1
  • Relictor Gold
Scale75 Scalecolor
Scalecolor 1
  • SC-38 Aldebaran Red
Vallejo Game Air
Base 4
  • 72.701 Dead White
  • 72.728 Dark Green
  • 72.734 Bone White
  • 72.751 Black
Vallejo Game Color
Base 2
  • 72.029 Sick Green
  • 72.058 Brassy Brass
Vallejo Surface Primer
Base 1
  • 70.600 White
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