Green Flames Rev. iii

Green Flames Rev. iii

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    07 Aug 2021
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    07 Aug 2021
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A 3rd incarnation of the green warp flames, refined to use florescent paint.

  1. Basecoat the model Chaos Black , then two thin layers of Incubi Darkness . If this is a small area, I would recommend going to Warpstone Glow rather than Incubi.

The method here is to use very thin paint, glazing the recesses to increasingly deeper recesses with lighter and lighter colours, as listed below.

  1. If an Incubi Darkness layer, start by recess washing Lupercal Green then Warpstone Glow with a bit of Yellow Fluorescent and Hexwraith Flame to make the paint a bright green glow shade.
  2. If starting from Warpstone Glow , glaze Incubi Darkness onto the raised areas, then go back into the recesses with the mix as listed above.
  3. It should be the same stage now, so add more Yellow Fluorescent and a dot of Hexwraith Flame to a brighter colour.
  4. Add more Yellow Fluorescent , add a medium or water to keep thin. Get closer into the recesses.
  5. Add more Yellow Fluorescent , which should have a hint of green now. Just pull to deepest recesses. I do add some dots etc at this stage. You're basically dotting in the recesses now.
  6. Do a final dot with the same mix, with a bit of White Scar , but be careful not to desaturate the florescent paint. You can also glaze some of the yellow in a very thin mix with medium or water here to re-establish the brightness.
  7. On the highest edges, glaze a bit more Incubi Darkness , then Abaddon Black . As with the highlights, a glaze consistency is most important.



Warhammer Hobbyist. Mostly Black Legion, Thousand Sons, Chaos Daemons and Chaos Knights. Drukhari for 2023. Hope you find these recipes useful!

Citadel Painting System 7
Base 3
  • Abaddon Black
  • Incubi Darkness
  • Lupercal Green
Layer 2
  • Warpstone Glow
  • White Scar
Spray 1
  • Chaos Black
Contrast 1
  • Hexwraith Flame
Vallejo Model Color
Fluorescent 1
  • 70.730 Yellow Fluorescent
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