Desolate wasteland base


Desolate wasteland base

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  • Published
    14 May 2022
  • Updated
    09 Feb 2024
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Quick and easy, perfect for a wasteland on a dead planet. I use this on my Tyranids to represent a world where they have consumed all the biomass leaving only a dead husk behind.

These are the brushes I use, all cheap from a craft shop. The first for applying the texture paint, the second for applying pigments and working them in and the third is the brush I use for enamels and mineral spirits

  1. Base with Vallejo Thick Mud - Russian Mud. Use an old worn brush for this, or a spatula or spreading tool, as it will ruin a good brush quickly
  2. Tap some Vallejo Pigments - Burnt Umber onto the base
  3. Tap some Vallejo Pigments - Desert Dust onto the base
  4. Tap some AK Interactive Pigments - City Dirt onto the base
  5. Gently work the pigments into the base using an old, worn brush
  6. Fix everything in place by touching a brush loaded with pigment binder, alcohol or white/mineral spirits to the base. Skip this step if you want the base to retain a more dusty appearance
  7. Once dry, tidy up the base rim with Black and you're done!