Battletech A stand of light trees

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    03 Aug 2020
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    03 Aug 2020
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3D printed battletech light woods stands. Printed in Phrozen Black resin

  1. Starting point in raw cures Phrozen Black resin


  1. Undercoat in Black


  1. Airbrush with Armour Brown
  2. Airbrush light Zenethal spot highlights on the trunk usinh Mud Brown
  3. Airbrush foliage clumps Dark Green


  1. Coat base in AK Terrains muddy ground diorama Series and leave to dry
  2. Coat the base in Agrax Earthshade and leave to dry
  3. Drybrush Mud Brown onto the base and trunk
  4. Drybrush Steel Legion Drab onto the base and trunk


  1. Sponge onto the foliage IJA Light Grey Green
  2. Sponge onto the foliage Russian 4BO High Light

Commissar Harris


Painting and gaming on and off for 35 years. Still not learnt a damn thing

AK Interactive Acrylics
  • AK033 Russian 4BO High Light
Citadel Painting System 2
Base 1
  • Steel Legion Drab
Shade 1
  • Agrax Earthshade
Vallejo Model Air
Base 4
  • 71.012 Dark Green
  • 71.037 Mud Brown
  • 71.041 Armour Brown
  • 71.321 IJA Light Grey Green
Vallejo Surface Primer
Base 1
  • 70.602 Black
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