1st Free worlds Guard

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    21 May 2022
  • Updated
    21 May 2022
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The premier regiment of the Free worlds Leauge


  1. Undercoat the model in white

Base coat

  1. Airbrush the miniature in Ulthuan Grey watered down. Cover the armour. Two thin coats
  2. Base coat panels in Genestealer Purple in several thin coats


  1. Shade the recesses with Agrax Earthshade
  2. Or oil wash with a Brown


  1. Come back with Ulthuan Grey thinned and cover the coffee stains
  2. Clean up the Genestealer Purple panels with more Genestealer Purple thinned down

Pistons and joints

  1. Paint the pistons and joints and gun barrels in Pure Black
  2. Paint over the Pure Black with Silver


  1. Mix Dead White and Gloss White and highlight the edges
  2. Mix 1:1 Dechala Lilac with Magenta Fluorescent
  3. Second highlight with Dechala Lilac
  4. Third highlight with Fulgrim Pink

Cockpit lenses

Commissar Harris


Painting and gaming on and off for 35 years. Still not learnt a damn thing

Citadel Painting System 5
Shade 1
  • Agrax Earthshade
Layer 2
  • Dechala Lilac
  • Fulgrim Pink
Air 2
  • Genestealer Purple
  • Ulthuan Grey
Vallejo Game Color
Base 1
  • 72.001 Dead White
Vallejo Mecha Color
Base 2
  • 69.042 Pure Black
  • 69.056 Magenta Fluorescent
Vallejo Model Color 2
Base 1
  • 70.842 Gloss White
Metallic 1
  • 70.997 Silver
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